The Sagittarius Moon Man Explained

June 12, 2020

Oh, so you’re interested in a Sagittarius moon man, huh? 

That’s why you’re here, eh? 

Or maybe you have this placement and you’d just like to read about what makes you so awesome?

Yeah, either way — I see you! 

Just kiddin’. I’m so glad you’re here because you’re in for a treat! The guys with this wide-eyed, exuberant placement can be some of the most exciting friends and lovers you’ll ever have! 

The Sagittarius moon man is usually super fun, sharp, witty, full of energy, jovial, open minded, playful, and thoroughly optimistic. 

BUT just like every other lunar placement, this one also has its cons too! So read on.

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So, what does the moon sign mean anyway?

Good question.

In old western astrology, the moon sign was considered more influential than the sun sign. 

Some people also believe that it’s even more significant if the person was born at night since the moon is more prominent in our skies at night.

In a nutshell, the moon sign represents a person’s inner self; it’s their true personality and instinctual nature.

You might think you know someone pretty well but who they really are when they’re at home alone, might be very different. And that could be because they’re hiding their personality really well, or their moon sign might be very different to their sun sign. 

For example, you might be dating someone whose sun sign is Virgo. Virgo is an earthy sign that likes planning, organization and is pretty analytical. But the more you get to know them, you might find you see a very different side to them. 

Perhaps after dating them for a few weeks or months, it becomes apparent that they actually like a lot of action, winging things at the last minute and actually get bored and restless quite quickly. That could be because their moon sign is in Aries.

I hope that example gets my point across.

In fact, some people relate far more to their moon sign than their sun sign. If they think astrology is a load of hogwash, they might behave more like their moon sign.

And then they might wonder why on earth people believe in astrology because whatever they’ve read about their sun sign hasn’t really described them at all.

sagittarius moon man

So it’s definitely worth looking into the moon sign of someone and then the rest of their astrological chart (which you can do for free on sites like this!). And bear in mind that all astrological placements can influence character but they do so to different degrees. 

Astrologers tend to initially look at the position of the sun and moon at birth. However, they also look at the rising sign, also known as the ascendant. You should care just as much about the lunar sign as much as the rising sign because these three will usually impact personality the most.

To find out what someone’s rising sign is, you’d need to know their exact time of birth (to the minute) because the rising sign changes every half hour. So, if you ask them and they reply “oh, around 4 or 5 in the morning, I think”, that just ain’t gonna cut it. 

Ok, so in true scatty and fiery Sagittarius style, I’m going to throw in all the positive and negative traits of this placement together below. 

Great, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world character of the moon in Sagittarius man!

He Loves His Work

If he isn’t a laptop soloprenuer earning coin from various beaches around the planet, he might have a job that involves seeing other people on a regular basis. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign and gets bored and restless quickly. Much mental stimulation is needed or this man to feel alive. So any he might work as a therapist, run a coffee shop, or any other place where he can regularly interact with other people. 

And all that is pretty great! 


Just like he might be addicted to food and over indulging himself in various ways, he might also be addicted to his work. 

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and learning and boy, do these people love lapping up knowledge. They love expanding their minds and hearts by exploring and the minds and works of others. 

That can sadly mean a lack of focus elsewhere, such as in romantic relationships, including friendships. Knowledge and learning will likely, always be his first love. 

He’s Fiery and Fun 

astrological compatibility

How many times have you heard someone being described as jovial or buoyant? I’m guessing not very many!

Well, Sag moons are usually so playful, fun, upbeat, optimistic and light in their energy that they really deserve those adjectives.

They have the amazing ability to walk into any room and light the whole thing up with their overwhelmingly light and positive energy.

Truthfully, He Has a Nomadic Heart

Roaming the world and exploring foreign lands, food and people for the foreseeable future would be his ideal job. 

The souls of these people just want to absorb as much information and experience as possible. At times, they might feel like they want to know it all and do it all. He’s just always ready for new experiences and adventures.

Some people (if not most people) fear change. They might feel nauseated at the mere mention of moving to another country, meeting new people, or starting a new job or business. 

Not Sag moon! Nope, these people often actively seek to implement big changes in their lives. 

He’s probably lived in another country or state for a while, or if not, he might like to do that at some point. Or maybe he’d like to get into van life and just live on the road all day everyday. His thirst for adventure and the new may be borderline unqwuentionable. 

Commitment Is Not His Forte

romance by what sign the moon is in

I wasn’t sure about including this point because it’s clearly a deal breaker for many people. 

But, here’s the thing…

I’m sure you’ve read about this in numerous places before if you’ve been looking into this placement. And yeah, and I would agree. 

It’s sadly said that Sag moons don’t tend to actively seek out or lean towards long-term, monogamous relationships. And this can lead to a lot of confusion and heartbreak.

On the one had, they come across as overwhelmingly adventurous, optimistic and strong-willed, yet that often doesn’t translate to building a meaningful, longterm relationship, which you would think they would want because marriage and / or having a family can be an awesome adventure within itself.

A relationship, in theory, sounds great to him. It’s another opportunity to experience a great new adventure. And does he like kids? Yeah, sure! Anything that might be fun is welcome in his eyes.

However, when it comes to buying a home together and performing daily chores like taking out the trash, changing nappies, hoovering, saving and budgeting, this hedonistic freewheeler can quickly start to feel boxed in, restless and bored, much like lunar Aries people. 

And being told what to do by a partner? Yep, that really won’t go down well with him. If he feels like he’s being suffocated to any degree, he just won’t stick around. So simply be warned that he may not be the settling down type.

If you’re really attracted to a Sag moon man or you’re actually in a relationship with one, I would caution you to be fairly careful as you move forward.

There will undoubtedly be LOADS of guys with this placement who will indeed be faithful and interested in longterm monogamous commitment, but this placement is known to wander. They tend to be fiercely independent people who throughly dislike being boxed in and trapped (as they see it) in relationships.

Saying all that, if you’re OK with having a flexible relationship where you don’t like a partner around you all the time, then it’s possible a relationship with him can work perfectly well.

He Loves to Indulge Himself

And his cheese.

And his beer.

And his candy.


Yeah, they’re pretty hedonistic. 

He has an addictive personality and can suffer from addictions or over indulgence.

A lunar Sag man who has a penchant for wine, for example, may build a room in his home or cellar just for wine storage and become really interested in it. 

He might want to learn as much as he possibly can about wine. AND, drink most of his collection within a very short period of time.

Such sincere interests can be admirable and cute on the one hand, but also come off as just a bit weird and addictions can be very concerning.

He Can Be a Bit on the Cool Side

night sky showing Sag constellation

And that can hurt a lot of people, no matter what their lunar sign is — even if it’s in coolio Aquarius

A relationship with a man who has this position, while fun and exciting, may sadly lack longevity, depth and warmth. 

Over time, depending on your personality, AND depending on the rest of his chart (always take that into consideration!) you might start to feel a bit left out and neglected. 

They Explode Pretty Effortlessly

And when they get into an intense argument, no matter who it’s with, they will always go for the (proverbial) jugular.

Like any fire sign, they can get super heated in a disagreement and suddenly explode. 

Depending on their other placements, it can take quite a lot to push them but if you disagree with them on something they feel strongly about, they can suddenly explode into a fit of rage. 

They can also easily steer away from the topic being argued and attack you personally.

It can get pretty nasty and intense pretty quickly! 

He’s a Naturally Awesome Manifestor

law of attraction manifesting by star sign

I don’t know if you believe in the Law of Attraction, if not, I get it, no problem. 

If you, do, Sag moon people are usually excellent at manifesting anything they like, whether they’ve heard about the Law of Attraction before or not! This is fundamentally because of their usually super upbeat and ridiculously optimistic personalities! 

They often feel deep down that whatever they want to achieve or experience in life will somehow just happen. And because they feel that way, they activate the Law of Attraction creation process (which I blog about) and what they want does indeed just come to them!

He’s Can Be a Bit Self Absorbed

Or an outright narcissist


We tend to think of Leos as the most self focused people but there are loads of other signs that are prone to positioning themselves on the narcissistic spectrum. 

We’re all narcissistic to some degree because we’re human and it’s in our nature to survive and take care of ourselves. If we were all to undergo total abnegation in order to become completely selfless.

Sag moons can sadly be deeply self absorbed people but their philosophical, philanthropic nature can sometimes help to curb this rather undesirable trait. 

He’s Super Frank

natal chart and constellations

He feels like the truth is far more beneficial — and necessary than lying or even sugar coating situations. 

If something is annoying him, or he disagrees with you, he won’t hold onto it. He’ll feel like he just has to express it, to get it off his chest and whether you like it or not. This is common behavior for people with fire moons.

This can deeply hurt and offend a sensitive partner, especially when the harsh truth (as they see it) is coming from someone so close to them.

You might sometimes wish that they would be more tactful and cognisant of your feelings. Water moon signs especially might find this behavior very hard to deal with at times.

He’s Knows a LOT About A LOT

Kind of like Gemini knows a lot about lot. These just love to learn! They don’t necessarily do it to show off how clever they are, either. They genuinely just love to absorb as much information as possible.

What do they like to learn about more specifically? Again, pretty much everything and anything, but for some, they might be more focused on topics like spirituality, religion philosophy, other cultures and languages. He’ll probably also enjoy getting to the core or the truth of topics, otherwise he might not be interested in exploring it further. 

For example, he might be interested in becoming a doctor but if he believes that energy healing can remedy many illnesses and if being completely ignored by the medical community, he might consider going into medicine a waste of his time.

He’s Ridiculously Upbeat and Optimistic

astrology 7th sign in the zodiac

He’s brimming with luck, ambition, and has a deep and sincere lust for life!

He does first and thinks later. He thinks, no — he knows, that somehow, everything will work out, as if by magic! 

In his eyes, that’s what life is for. Experiencing as much as possible, learning as much as possible, and having loads of fun! 

Is the Sag Moon Guy a Good Catch Overall?

Heck YES. He is. If he’s serious about longterm commitment with you, you’ll end up with a brilliant lover and a fun loving, adventure seeking, autonomous best bud all rolled into one. Enjoy his company (or your own of this is about you!) and I hope that helped.

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