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Moon in Scorpio Traits

November 5, 2020

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Scorpio Moon sign is the most fascinating Moon sign of them all.

Why? It is enticingly enigmatic and other-worldly, deeply sensitive and profoundly intuitive.

It is the lunar placement that many professional and amateur astrologers alike enjoy discussing and researching more than any other lunar placement. 

What the Moon sign represents

moon in scorpio

Simply put, the Moon sign in an astrological chart (also referred to as a ‘birth chart’ or ‘natal chart’) represents our hidden selves, fundamental needs, and our emotional natures. 

It is the side of us that remains largely unseen and only becomes apparent once we feel safe in respectful and trustworthy company. 

It is just as important as your sun sign and ascendant (also referred to as the ‘rising sign’) as it can influence your personality just as much, if not more because it is who you are at your very core. 

The Moon placement can be viewed as the true self that is seldom seen (like the actual Moon) and the sun placement as the part of us that is most often seen (like the actual sun). 

It additionally represents the mother energy while the sun represents the father energy.

It is worth noting that in archaic astrology, the Moon sign was considered the most important placement in an astrological chart.

Factors impacting the strength of the lunar sign

There are three major factors which can affect the strength of any astrological placement and these are as follows:

1. The house it is located in.

2. The degree it is located in.

3. Any aspects with other celestial bodies for example, the sun, Venus, Mars.

This article will also apply to those with their Moon placement in the eighth house (normally presenting in Roman numerals as ‘VIII’ in an astrological chart). This is because the eighth house governs Scorpio. 

The house the Moon is in will not exert the same level of influence upon personality as the sign that it is in but it will have some influence. 

As an important side-note, always remember that many other astrological placements will also influence personality so I would strongly advise looking at the entire astrological chart.

The three signs within Scorpio 

Scorpio, forever the least simplest Zodiac sign, actually comprises three signs — and they are all very different from one another.

As people age, they tend to grow a great deal emotionally and spiritually and may lead far more balanced and harmonious lives.

You may relate to one or more of the following signs:

The Scorpion 

scorpius constellation in night sky

Also referred to by some astrologers as the snake, this is the least spiritually developed of the three. 

This is the sign that causes people to recoil in horror when they find out someone is a Scorpio.

If you believe in reincarnation, it is said that these Souls are extremely young and have yet to acquire the more positive traits associated with humanity such as empathy, respect, self-awareness, kindness, compassion, and understanding.

These individuals are usually self-destructive or project their destruction onto others and the world at large. They usually lead turbulent lives. They have little to no regard for others.

Although they are naturally intuitive, their intuition is mostly often used to exploit and degrade others.

The Eagle 

the eagle in 8th house astrology

Most will fall into this category. Eagles possess a mixture of the positive and negative traits of the sign, both of which can be rather extreme. 

It is worth noting that it is this combination of these intensely positive and negative traits that fascinate some and repel others. 

Some people just can’t understand this astrological placement at all because they can be so complex.

For example, a surgeon could be an Eagle and heal people through their work but they may also be materialistic, vindictive, and vain.

As they age, however, they might have the self-awareness required in order to identify where they can improve in their lives and work on those areas. They might find that in their older years, they mellow and become kinder to themselves and others.

The Phoenix

the phoenix rising from the ashes

The Phoenix is a beautiful mythological bird that was said to experience many re-births. It gained new lives by rising from the ashes of its former self. 

They may have started out in life as negatively oriented and due to certain circumstances such as experiencing challenging life lessons, developed their spirituality. 

Just like the Eagle, these people usually possess remarkable intuition and healing abilities. They are very positively oriented and have mastered the energy of this profound star sign. 

They have mastered the vast majority of negative traits. They don’t need to control situations and people and they rarely experience lower vibrational emotions such as vanity and jealousy.

They are transformative and they help others with their own transformations with their healing and intuitive abilities. 

They are great at identifying and excavating information and 

Few people are at this stage as it takes a great deal of emotional and spiritual work to attain it.

Scorpio Moon traits


scorpio moon traits

As mentioned in my introduction, Scorpio is the most intense and complex constellation for the Moon to be in.

Scorpio is an emotionally intense, probing, and deeply intuitive, and complex energy. The element of this sign is water and as such, it is associated with heightened awareness, sensitivity, and the ethereal realms. When it is combined with the feminine energy of the Moon, you get someone with a lot of emotional depth and sensitivity.

People with this placement usually feel their emotions extremely deeply and are strongly affected by the world around them. If an experience wounds them, the wound will be deep and long-lasting if it is painful enough. 

They can find overcoming the end of relationships and other difficult situations incredibly painful and challenging.

They don’t let others into their emotional world easily — or at all. They are fiercely protective of themselves and this can sometimes be mistaken for being secretive.

A highly sensitive nature can also mean that they are sometimes very sensitive to criticism and even perceived criticism. They may take it very personally and find it difficult to forget about it.

Inherent wisdom 

wise star sign

When you’re young, you feel like you’ll always be young but this placement has the wisdom required to recognize, even from a young age, that youth simply doesn’t last — for anyone.

So they feel like they need to enjoy their lives and the present moment as much as they possibly can.

They enjoy everything from intense experiences such as snowboarding or bungee jumping to eating delicious food. 

Some experiences, such as chatting with friends over coffee might seem dull and mundane to some but not for them. They value and appreciate the small moments as well as the big ones.

As soft as they are hard

plutonian zodiac traits

The paradoxical emotional landscape Scorpio moon sign people is something that many people find fascinating. 

On the one hand, Scorpio moon traits including aggression and destruction and on the other, if they feel respected and loved, they are capable of being selfless, kind, helpful and even sweet.

Their more venomous emotions can run just as deeply as their feelings of love, joy and compassion. 

Steadfast determination

strong-willed businesswoman

As sensitive as many Moon in Scorpio people are, there is also a drive and determination to them that is incredibly powerful, fierce, and unwavering. 

When they set their sights on attaining a goal, they put their all into it and make it happen. 

They really dislike their passion being crushed and they can’t stand being told what to do so don’t ever tell them that their goals are unrealistic — they won’t thank you for it!

They might also view you as boring or a pushover if you’re too structured and methodical in your own approach to achieving your goals because their emotional drive in contrast is fiery.

This with a Scorpio Moon sign tend to greatly enjoy material wealth and abundance. It helps them to gain control over situations and others and it can help to elevate their social status. 

If they are not interested in how more money will help them appear to others and the control that comes with it, they might enjoy having more money to live more intense life experiences such as going on luxury holidays, buying stunning jewelry, and enjoying delicious, gourmet food.

Vengefulness and self-protection 

negative attributes of this star sign

At their very worst, Moon in Scorpio people will naturally seek to destroy those who they identify as their enemies or opponents. No tactic, however underhanded, will be left unconsidered when it comes to leveling out the playing field — as they see fit.

They also usually like to work undetected and may carefully plan their revenge over long periods of time. They may become fixated with the details of their plan and experience obsessive thoughts about the person or people who wronged them. 

Those targeted by them for acts of revenge may never know that it was the Moon in Scorpio individual who was behind an especially unfortunate event previously experienced. 

Being able to easily read people is especially useful when attempting to hurt and exploit others. They are so intuitive that they are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of others merely by observing them. 

They are subsequently able to decipher what will cause them the most harm and that is what makes them so incredibly effective at spiting people. 

It is also this particular trait that others find so disconcerting about this sign and why some people even fear Scorpios. Well, that and the fact that most people don’t usually enjoy being psychically read and seen through. 

They may pride themselves on how vengeful they can be and enjoy having the upper hand over people they seek to manipulate and exploit with their superior intelligence and stellar intuition.

Fortunately, however, most people with this lunar placement either shed their vengeful mindset as they age or they may have never possessed one at all. 

Due to their highly sensitive natures, however, most will usually have no choice but to cut off those who they feel have done wrong by them. This is more to do with self-preservation than it is to do with spite.

They can also easily spot those who may cause them some kind of harm in the future by sensing negative traits in others such as insincerity and a lack of self-awareness and care for others. 

Other less intuitive people may not be able to spot fundamentally negative traits in people so quickly and effortlessly but people with this lunar placement do it automatically. 

And they won’t ever set foot anywhere near people they deem bad for them. They won’t risk being messed with in any way.

Ride or die 

women in a small group

They love and hate HARD. When they love you, they’ll love you intensely until the literal end and will do almost anything for you. 

When they hate someone, they typically really hate them or at best they’ll keep them at arms’ length going forward and you’ll never get close to them.

Fiery emotions

man and woman in a desert

Yes, this is a water sign, however, it is not cool water like Cancer and Pisces — it is HOT and that is why it is often mistaken for a fire sign.

Pluto and Mars are the co-ruling planets of this star sign.

Mars is known as the planet of action, energy, and desire. It is associated with the ancient Greek God of War, Ares. 

And as if that is not enough, Pluto is associated with the Underworld, transformation, re-birth and riches.

This can result in these natives being emotionally fiery, strong-willed, determined, and powerful.

Traumatic life experiences 

obstacles and challenges of this astrological position

This placement is strongly associated with many difficult, and even traumatic, life events.

If you believe in reincarnation, it is said that these negative experiences are chosen by the Soul prior to incarnation in order to spur Soul growth. 

The Soul can quickly grow in wisdom in the face of adversity, however, while incarnate, the person may become bitter, destructive, and resentful if they cannot overcome their obstacles.

Remember the mythical Phoenix, as mentioned earlier in this article? It rose from the ashes after being almost completely destroyed. 

That is what these natives have the ability to do. Some Souls choose to undergo hard life challenges prior to incarnation in order to overcome them and increase their understanding. 

Those with this placement can also suffer greatly if they are simply unable to understand themselves, for example, why they are so sensitive and empathic and may view such traits as weaknesses. 

They can create turbulent situations and attract negative experiences and people that can hurt them a great deal. 

However, if they can come to understand themselves well and retain a positive frame of mind, this astrological placement can be an absolute blessing. 

Under a positive mindset, they can fully harness the powerful energy of this placement and that can create a life full of wonderfully deep and meaningful lives full of intense experiences.

Psychic abilities

psychic and mystical attributes

They might be clairvoyant or claircognizant; many people with this placement will be natural psychics and mediums. 

They may have had paranormal experiences as children or continue to do so as adults. 

Be warned that they can’t bear being lied to and messed around. As sharp, intuitive, and intelligent people, they can usually see clean through any attempt at manipulation and they consider such behavior an insult to their intelligence and intuitive ability.

It is best to avoid them altogether if you know that you stretch the truth now and again. When they find out, because they usually do, they’ll probably never trust you again.

Communication style

These natives can be shockingly direct. Don’t ask them for their opinion unless you’re prepared to hear their thoroughly honest thoughts which can come across as abrupt and tactless to some. 

They also won’t care too much, or at all, about how their opinions are received by others. They may be easily irritated by the failure of others to understand their logic and be very quick to defend their opinion.

You will know if they genuinely like something or someone because they will say it and if they don’t, they won’t be able to hold back their thoughts. So their frank and direct communication style mean that you’ll always know exactly where you stand with them. 

Relationship with the Mother

The lunar sign in a natal chart additionally represents the relationship with the mother energy. Whether the mother is a biological, adoptive or stepmother, all lunar signs offer clues as to what the mother was like and how the child was raised. 

The mother of someone with this lunar sign may have exhibited positive and negative Scorpio Moon traits herself.

If she was more positively oriented, she may have been fiercely protective, nurturing, kind, and in-tune with the emotions of her child. She may have had a particularly deep connection with them and they may have had an almost telepathic understanding of one another. 

Of course, arguments would have occurred at times, especially during teenage years, but she would have remained immensely supportive and would have defended her child come Hell or high water. 

Having a deep need for emotional privacy and space to recharge may not have fully been understood by her but she may have allowed and respected her child’s choice to withdraw physically and emotionally when they felt it was necessary. 

If she was more negatively oriented, she may have been controlling, stern, obsessive, possessive, manipulative, and jealous. She may only truly cared about her own needs and placed them above the needs of others. 

In extreme cases, she may have developed an unhealthy attachment to one or more family members such as her husband or child (usually a son). She may have become possessive over them, possibly even preventing them from reaching their full potential in life by constantly demanding too much of their attention, time, and energy. 

Guilt-inducing tactics and mind games may have been used in an attempt to keep her partner or child close to her. Luckily, however, many sons and daughters eventually wake up to the manipulation, break away and go on to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. 

What they are like in love

When they are looking for a longterm partner, they will look for someone who is equally as intense, yet sensitive, sincere, loyal and who wishes to build a long lasting, mutually fulfilling relationship with them. They will also need a lot of emotional privacy.

It is vital that their partner understands just how sensitive they are and should remain aware of it going forward to avoid hurting them unnecessarily. If they become hurt too many times and feel their partner is not making an effort to be caring and thoughtful towards them, they may break away.

With this in mind, it would be advisable to handle someone with this placement very carefully if you want to be partners with them in the long-term. They can make the most amazing partners yet take no prisoners and their decisions are often set in stone.

What they are like in bed

Due to their need to connect with their partner on a deep level and have intense experiences of all kinds, they’ll probably be very emotionally present and intense in bed. These natives are able to transform themselves by deeply melding with the energy of their partner.

If they enjoy one night stands (many are far too sensitive to do so), they’ll only be interested in having them with people who they regard as a bit shallow or otherwise inappropriate for longterm partnership. They will use their intimate time together to literally expel some of their powerful sexual energy. 

Whatever intimate connection you have them, you will probably remember it for as long as you live because it will be incredibly powerful.

The legendary stare 

You know the stare I’m talking about, don’t you? That intense, direct and slightly unsettling stare that penetrates right through to your Soul. 

Yes, that one. 

While the lunar sign offers insight into the emotional nature, it doesn’t have much bearing on physical appearance — that is more closely associated with the sun and rising signs. 

However, if someone feels intensely, they will undoubtedly have a probing look about them as they’ll often be psychically reading people and that might mean they’ll have a probing stare about them. 

Sun and Moon combinations

Please remember that Mars and Venus placements are very important to take into consideration when assessing someone’s romantic style and preferred partner.

Aries sun

Aries is sharp, fun and outgoing and it can also be a bold and brazen energy. When combined with this lunar placement, however, the individual may be more sensitive and therefore more cautious in life than an Aries sun. 

They’ll probably also be more cautious when getting to know new people and selective with who they keep company. 

Aries is not known for being particularly intuitive but this combination will undoubtedly be intuitive. 

A fun, happy, bold yet intuitive and sensitive partner who likes to go on adventures and throw themselves into intense experiences would be ideal. 

Taurus sun

Taurus is known for being stable, steady, and logical. They take their time with everything and stop to appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life.

They are often emotional people who desire to connect with others in meaningful ways and build close friendships and relationships that will last for decades. 

They will likely be highly selective with their friendships and partnerships.

A longterm, stable, passionate, relationship with large amounts of tactile physical affection would be of great importance to them.

Gemini sun

When airy, easy-going, witty and funny Gemini energy is combined with this lunar placement, it may mean surprise moments of intensity, seriousness and even aggression when provoked. 

There may be a struggle with the expression of their emotions or contrastingly, emotions will be discussed very frankly, openly and often no matter where or when.

They would do great with an intelligent, fun, pleasant and mentally stimulating partner who loves to chat about anything and everything.

Cancer sun

This is a very understanding, empathic and nurturing combination. Friendships and partnerships tend to last for decades if they are genuinely positive and meaningful.

They are able to easily filter the wheat from the chaff when it comes to friends and partners because their intuition is spot on.

They are very careful with how they treat others because they wound deeply and don’t wish to cause the same harm to others. 

They monitor how they are treated by others. If connections sour for whatever reason, they will most likely cut them off for good for self-protection. 

An empathic, compassionate, down-to-earth and mild mannered partner would be ideal. 

Leo sun

Leo is classically perceived as being bold, lively, courageous, and direct. 

This combination can create a jovial exterior and a highly protected and even secretive nature. Leo energy will usually be very frank with emotions and thoughts. 

However, this combination can make the individual a little more hesitant to volunteer personal information about themselves and be careful with who they choose to be establish friendships and relationships with. 

A smart, fun, optimistic, go-getting, sweet-natured partner who is also intuitive and loves to cuddle and lounge around in their spare time would be fabulous.

Virgo sun

Virgo is known for being a down-to-earth, pragmatic, fastidious, intellectual, logic-ruled energy

When it is combined with this lunar placement, it can create a rather fiery personality. This is because this combination can get irritated easily because they are superb observers and spot issues with people and situations that others miss. 

They are perfectionists and they are lead by their intuition automatically, all day every day, even if they are not consciously aware of it.

A clever, practical, level-headed, down-to-earth, partner who gets things done yet who is also kind and sensitive might be preferred.

Libra sun

Suave, smart, well-spoken, fair and good-looking Libra blended with profound intuition, sensitivity, drive, and tenacity. 

These people are essentially femme-fatales or Bond-like gentlemen. They are the kind of people who can read you better than you can read yourself. And they’ll do it within moments of meeting you. 

They may have above average intelligence, enjoy the finer things in life and they will consistently hold themselves in high regard. They will likely enjoy debating everything from politics to archeology. 

A caring, smart partner who looks good, dresses well and enjoys leading a peaceful, fair and balanced life would be excellent. 

Scorpio sun

This may be one of the most fiery and intense combinations in the entire Zodiac system. The personalities and emotions of Moon in Scorpio people are exceedingly powerful. 

One of the two ruling planets of Scorpio is Pluto and Pluto is affiliated with the ancient Greek god of the Underworld (Hell), Hades. 

With this combination, the energy becomes amplified, as if being sent through a powerful speaker. Both the positive and negative traits of the sign become more prominent, as one might expect.

Being extreme in nature, they may display extremely positive or extremely negative traits. So, rarely, some may be villainous, as they may be more negatively oriented (like the ‘Scorpion’, as discussed above). 

And others may be astute, generous, benevolent, compassionate, and thoroughly affectionate people (like the ‘Phoenix’, as discussed above). However, more often than not, comprise an even mixture of the positive and negative traits. 

A sharp, animated, fun partner who is kind and desires to understand them on a profound level would be ideal. 

Sagittarius sun

These natives are typically thrill-seekers as both of these signs throughly enjoy intense experiences; they help to make them feel more alive and connected to something bigger than themselves.

They are likely to be philosophical and they will have a great way with words and explaining complex ideas.

They will probably feel very strongly about what they consider to be right and wrong. 

They may be the least likely to cut people out of their lives because they would rather get their points across through protracted debates. 

They are always interested in furthering their minds so they’ll be interested in hearing other people’s opinions, even if they don’t agree with them. 

A fun, smart, chatty, philosophical partner who is cognisant of their sensitive inner nature and is able to connect with them in a profound way would be so much fun.

Capricorn sun

Capricorn loves stability, predicability, resources and success. They can also be surprisingly sensitive and sweet-natured. 

When combined with this water Moon, they can be more sensitive. 

They can be even more adept at keeping themselves, others and situations under control. 

They naturally hold themselves in rather high regard. They might have a particularly cool exterior but once you get to know them, they might show you that they are fundamentally warm, wise, insightful and perceptive. 

A partner who is serious yet kind and affectionate, takes good care of themselves and their appearance, has their life in order and wishes to build a life together. 

Aquarius sun

These natives often possess very clear ideas about what is right and what is wrong and they will stand by their opinions and deductions one hundred percent. It is also very difficult for them to change their minds once they have arrived at their conclusions. 

They are incredibly intelligent, driven, lively, independent, and capable of achieving whatever they wish in life. Others may view their goals and aspirations as unobtainable yet they just intuitively know that they will achieve them. They would not go after them otherwise. 

An intellectual, philanthropic, compassionate partner who will give them plenty of space to do their own thing would be particularly suitable. They should also frequently be available to talk about anything that is bothering them.

Pisces sun

This combination can create very gentle, sweet-natured, creative, profoundly sensitive and psychic personalities. 

No matter the field they work in, they are generally visionaries. Owing to their superbly fertile imaginations, they frequently make excellent artists, writers and poets.

They many greatly enjoy being told by those around them that they are loved and cared for and spending time with their close friends and families may be preferred above all else. 

They are highly sensitive and empathic and may possess psychic or mediumistic abilities.

A long-lasting, thoroughly intimate relationship with someone who is self-aware, creative, sympathetic, charming and gentle may be ideal. 

Self-care for these natives

They will usually withdraw when they need to because they know that they’ll become physically or emotionally drained if they don’t. 

So they are already pretty adept at taking good care of themselves but in terms of long term self-care, there are some things that might benefit them and thee are as follows:

1. Excluding toxic people

They should stay permanently away from people who are narcissistic or otherwise toxic. Understandably, this may not always be possible, however, avoiding emotionally unhealthy people will go a very long way towards helping stay mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically well. 

While this tip may apply to everyone, people with this placement tend to be far more sensitive and therefore more prone to being adversely affected by them.

2. A passionate career

Passion and intensity are very important to these natives. If they are not thrilled about their career and feel passionately about it, they will start to wilt. 

3. Conserving energy 

Some individuals who possess this lunar placement can experience frequent bouts of desire to attack others when they feel wronged. 

Although retaliation can help their attacker to understand why they are wrong and that there are consequences to their actions, it doesn’t benefit them much as it can be incredibly physically and emotionally draining. 

Conserving energy by choosing battles wisely will help them to get through their days more efficiently.

4. Allowing others in

Yes, that can be a terrifying thought but in the long-run, it may benefit you immensely. By avoiding others, you could be missing out on a wonderful new friend or relationship. Or you could miss out on deepening current  relationships with others.

They can and some will indeed hurt you. That is unavoidable for us all. Most people won’t hurt you, though. Your amazing intuition will help to filter out those who are not compatible with you. Trust your own intuition that is said to be extremely well developed by most astrologers. 

5. Avoid settling

These natives rarely fare well in romantic relationships they are not very happy in. They need the romantic and physical side of the relationship to be just as active and pleasurable as the domestic side. 

A woman or man who finds themselves settling for someone will eventually leave the relationship or suffer prolonged emotional distress which, due to their heightened sensitivity, may lead to a breakdown. 

Final thoughts

In his book, Obsequim Rationabile (1675), John Gadbury, the late seventeen century English Astrologer (1627–1704) argued that those with strong Scorpionic placements were not the belligerent, promiscuous and vindictive characters they were traditionally thought to be. 

And I completely agree with him. 

This sign has many facets to it. Sure, some of the people born with this Zodiac placement will undoubtedly possess more negative traits than others, however, many are kind, insightful, compassionate, intelligent and inspiring. 

Or, like most people —  no matter what their astrological charts may look like, they possess an even mixture of positive and negative traits.

And whatever their character may be like, their intense natures mean that you could never accuse them of being boring or pedestrian. 

Likes and dislikes summarised 

Likes include

Compassion, generosity, respectfulness, sincere flattery, emotional depth, sincerity, kindness and intellect. 

Dislikes include

Shallowness, vacuity, small-mindedness, gossip, miserly behavior, injustice, feeling out of control and insensitivity.

Positive traits keywords

  • Psychic 
  • Adventurous 
  • Empathic 
  • Profound
  • Kind 
  • Sincere
  • Direct 
  • Understanding
  • Respectful 
  • Loyal 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Determined 
  • Honest
  • Brave 
  • Strong 
  • Loving

Negative traits keywords

  • Controlling 
  • Jealous 
  • Materialistic
  • Secretive 
  • Resentful
  • Selfish
  • Vindictive 
  • Agressive 
  • Moody
  • Cold
  • Argumentative 
  • Opinionated 
  • Stubborn 
  • Forceful 
  • Destructive

I hope you found some value in my article. Please feel free to leave any feedback below!

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