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Scorpio Moon Woman: Emotional Profile & Personality

July 7, 2020

In a nutshell, the Scorpio moon woman is sensitive, complex and remarkably intuitive. 

It’s often possible for intuitive people and astrologers to spot women (and men) with this placement fairly quickly because the energy of this lunar sign comes across as different

And that’s different in the sense that most people who posses it seem intense in their emotional natures because they typically feel emotions, such as love and hatred, to rather extreme degrees. 

They can also immediately strike others as deeply intuitive, as if they’re sizing you up — and they are. It’s totally automatic for them. 

There are three signs within Scorpio

Scorpio is the only sign in the entire Zodiac system to comprise three signs; the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix (the Phoenix being the most highly evolved of all three signs).

All three of these signs represent different levels of spiritual progression and if you believe in reincarnation, we all experience the sign of Scorpio at some point, in various places in our birth charts, and sometimes, these placements indicate where we have chosen to grow spiritually. 

Needs and inner nature

gazing at the night sky and the constellations

The Scorpio moon woman will experience one of the three signs as above. If they are at the level of the Scorpion, they may posses and exhibit more of the negative traits of the sign such as manipulation, control, greed, narcissism and aggression.

Thankfully, however, most people on Earth at this time are firmly at the level of the Eagle and may subconsciously wish to focus on things like experiencing emotions of all kinds, elevating their spirituality and helping others.

Eagle women typically possess and display a pretty even mixture of both the negative and positive signs of the sign, although these are can at times be pretty extreme as this is a sign of extremes.

For example, an Eagle woman might have a very short temper yet hold a deep love for animals and care for strays.

Or perhaps she’s deeply loyal and loving towards her friends and family yet she might feel like a misanthrope at times and perceive the world as a brutal place that is set against her.

They are, however, oftentimes highly unique, engaging, sharp, present, and interesting women whose depth of emotion and intellect can leave others in awe, especially if the individual is of the level of the Phoenix and is therefore exceptionally wise, kind, smart, and compassionate.

Always look at all of your astrological placements

Please always remember to take all of your natal chart into consideration when learning more about yourself and others. 

Those with fire and air sun and rising signs may feel very differently to those with water and earth sun and rising signs because fire and air signs are more cerebral and action orientated.

It must also be mentioned that intense emotion is something that is widely attributed to those with strong Scorpionic placements, however, sometimes, intensely dark and negative feelings aren’t felt until something terribly traumatic occurs. 

This could be something like the sudden loss of a partner or being greatly wronged by friends she deeply loved and trusted. The intense negative emotions that follow can then be hopefully healed and risen from, thus bringing about emotional and spiritual growth.

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You’re a keen observer

Nothing gets past you. Others might perceive you as a human lie-detector and I’d be willing to place a generous bet you’ve heard someone mention that to you before because being able to see through people is such a common trait in those with this moon placement.

Like a seasoned detective, you’ll know — and remember, when someone is lying and you won’t trust them at all going forward. 

You’ll also spot things that others may miss. For example, when meeting someone for the first time, like a date or an interviewee, you might notice intricate details such as what they smell like or any stains on their clothing and intuitively gauge what that might indicate about their character. 

This wonderful, intuitive trait is all part of being the truth-seeker of the Zodiac; the one who is able to easily see the real intentions and motivations of others and subsequently help to bring the truth to humanity in all kinds of ways. For example, you might be a reporter who brings true stories to light or perhaps a parent who discoverers and ousts dangerous child predators to their community and law enforcement.

You can be trusted

Until the very end. You’ll keep the deepest and darkest secrets of others under proverbial lock and key. Even if you argue with them, you still might not be inclined to reveal their secrets to anyone (unless you feel really wounded, in which case you might be tempted to tell anyone who will listen!).

As much as others may trust you, however, you might find it very difficult to trust them, unless they really prove themselves as being completely trustworthy to you.

You can’t do shallowness

traits and characteristics

Empty compliments, one dimensional people and shallow chit-chat and gossip just isn’t your thing. The vacuity of that kind of stuff annoys you and you may even feel disgusted by it. 

Small-minded, shallow, manipulative people will never get close to you because you can spot them a mile away and fundamentally disagree with that kind of mentality. 

Those around you shouldn’t be surprised if you quickly call them out on their BS. As sensitive as you are, you’re also remarkably direct and when you feel someone is in the wrong, you won’t hesitate a single second to make that crystal clear. Especially if someone you care about is being unfairly targeted.

You’re also able to easily empathize with those who are being bad-mouthed by others because you can place yourself in their shoes and see it for what it is; low vibe stuff.

Intuitive abilities

You’re exceptionally intuitive, if not a full-blown psychic or even Medium. You may also be empathetic to the point where you feel the emotions of others deeper than they do.

You’re incredibly sensitive 

intuitive female

Scorpio sun signs are deep but when your emotional nature is influenced by the sign, you’re looking at someone who is just, well, possibly more emotional than you might ever be able to imagine.

She feels things so intensely, whatever they may be, and whatever external and internal stimuli she’s experiencing, she’ll have a strong reaction to it because you’ll always feel so impacted by it. 

While someone with an air, earth or fire moon sign might be able to recover quickly from an emotional wound, it might take you a good while and you may even hide away for some time.

Some people might view you as being dramatic, attention-seeking, or overly sensitive but you just feel everything so deeply that sometimes just being in the world and performing daily tasks can be challenging enough.

You’re a true humanitarian 

Just like lunar Aquarians, you’re a devout humanitarian. You genuinely care about other people and the planet at large. 

While those with their moon in Aquarius might be more concerned with the wellbeing and development of the species, you’re more concerned about how your nearest and dearest friends and family members are doing. 

Your concerns for the wellbeing runs deep and you won’t hesitate to wear your heart on your sleeve for them. You’ll be perfectly open about how much you love them, too. 

You might come across as dramatic 

Because you feel so deeply, you might sometimes come off as a little over dramatic but you genuinely don’t mean to.

You aren’t isn’t necessarily drawn to drama like someone with a strong Leo placement is. Being in the spotlight is unlikely to be your dream come true, even if your sun sign is Leo. 

However, this stems purely from being an incredibly emotional person and feeling easily overwhelmed and exhausted by all of the intense inner thoughts and feelings you experience all the time. 

You stand firm in your beliefs


When you thinks you’re right, you probably are as this sign has the power of seeing through things and people like no other sign. 

But whether you’re right or not, you’ll still stand strong in whatever you believe. You won’t be easily swayed by anyone else’s opinion in the near or distant future. 

You might make swift conclusions about people and situations.

You’re super honest and incredibly direct

If she has something to say to you, or about anything, she’ll say it. She won’t be able to keep it in. Some people might consider her tactless at times but it’s more that she just has to get what’s annoying her off her chest. 

You’ll always know where you stand with her as a result but this kind of behaviour can hurt sensitive types. If you’re easily hurt, I would avoid asking her what her opinion is. They will tell you exactly what they think and they won’t hold back. 

You love deeply

You’re so capable of experiencing deep emotions and that means you’re are completely capable and willing to love special people around you deeply. That goes for anyone you care about — friends, family and of course, a partner. 

You love so hard and your love is lasting. You don’t get bored of partners quickly and breakups can wound you deeply for years and years afterwards. 

You’ll quickly cut people off if they hurt you

Because you feel things so deeply, many times, your only option might to cut hurtful people and situations out of your life — for good. The risk of being hurt all over again is just too high for you to take. You won’t stick around for long if you aren’t treated her with respect and care. 

You’re fiery

Fiery personalities aren’t just resaved for the fire signs. People with strong Scorpio placements are often mistaken for fire signs because despite being a water sign, it’s also an immensely powerful and passionate sign that governs the genitals and is ruled by Mars; the planet known as the God of War and the most intense planet in our solar system. 

You’re a magnet for the wounded

You’re a natural healer and super loyal so people who are suffering or who have experienced traumatic events in their lives will be automatically drawn to you. 

You might find that people are prone to letting you know all their innermost secrets and thoughts even though they barely know you. This will probably come across as bizarre to you but at the same time, you appreciate people who chose to confide in you. 

People usually pick you to divulge highly personal information because of your innate healing abilities and many will subconsciously know that you understand emotional pain. 

Most of the time, all you have to do to heal others is to listen to them. By merely listening to someone who is wounded, you’re showing care and compassion and that can really help someone to overcome difficult life experiences. 

Independent yet affection is needed

There’s a need for family members in particular because of you get along well with them, they can be wonderful sources of comfort, joy, and healing. You must have an affectionate partner and affectionate people and even affectionate animals around you. 

But you’re also assertive and independent and would function pretty darn well as a single woman or single mom. Your personality is multi-faceted.

You’re drawn to the occult

You may be intrigued by hidden, mysterious or rare objects, works of art — and people! You love to uncover the truth and enjoys exploring hidden, occult or taboo things.

You might have a penchant for dark music, dark art work, even dark colored surroundings and decor. You might even enjoy a gothic or otherwise alternative lifestyle. 

You’re secretive 

People might never guess your moon sign unless they get really close to you. Whatever your sun or rising sign may be, you might always keep her true self hidden from all those you feel you can’t fully trust.

And that’s because the nature of this fascinating and magnetic sign is intensely secretive — and sensitive. 

Letting others know who you really are could possibly result in them using that information to harm you later on so you typically prefer to keep yourself to yourself. 

If people persevere, however, and slowly earn your trust and respect they might see who you really are and they’ll probably end up with a true friend or partner for life. 

You thoroughly enjoy time alone

Being around others can be really draining for you, emotionally and energetically because you can absorb the feelings and thoughts of others. 

So you’ll probably enjoy spending a good bit of time alone or in nature.

An ideal evening might include a yummy herbal tea, a bunch of candles around your bed, some ethereal music playing and tarot cards. You usually find that you can truly relax and recuperate when alone.

Focus is your forte

You’re hella goal orientated. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve something you deeply desire — you will plan, focus, work hard and hustle until you get it.

Even if it takes literally years to get to where you want to be in life, or be with someone who you truly desire, you will more than likely succeed in your endeavours. You can, however, be hard on yourself and really tough on those standing in your way.

You might live a few different lives within your life

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve lived or are living many lives within your lifetime. Sometimes this may be literal because of the loss of many significant people around you because of a move to another Country or State. 

This won’t apply to every woman with this lunar sign of course. It may apply to those with strong Sagittarius placements as they tend to move or travel quite a lot.

You may have lived through some awfully traumatic life events that changed your perspective and path in life. Or maybe you just intuitively know you could benefit from some inner work and as you go through it, your outlook and reactions to things changes and you feel like a new person.

A brave placement 

8th house astrological position

Additionally, it must be said that it’s a very brave placement to own because those who possess it will undoubtedly feel very deeply about almost everything and that can sometimes adversely impact daily life. 

Women with this placement may be expected to reduce their emotional sensitivity in order to be able to take more efficient (as others might see it) care of themselves and their families and that can be hard to achieve considering that you cannot easily change your emotional makeup.

Conflicting emotions

Depending on the other placements in your natal chart, you may feel hugely conflicted and confused at times because the nature of this water sign is deeply secretive, super sensitive and easily wounded. 

Yet, if your sun or rising sign is in a fire or air sign that is very action orientated and quick, you might feel really conflicted at times as the natures are so different. 

Girl, you are DEEP…

And where would the world be without deep thinkers and deep feelers? The best art and music comes from people with a lot of emotional depth and intellect. Your intensity, intuitive nature, magnetism, emotional depth and wisdom make you truly unforgettable. 

Final thoughts 

Some people say that this lunar placement is bad and unhelpful to those who have it. I disagree. I believe that it can help to bring any emotional wounds (from past lives or the present lifetime) to the surface for healing and clearing because of the intense emotions commonly, but not always, experienced by those who have it. 

These natives are also known to possess exceptionally strong healing energy that can help to heal those around them, the planet and themselves. They also make great professional healers such as doctors, herbalists and Reiki practitioners. Healing others and the Self also helps to reduce karmic debt and incur positive karma.

This is a complex placement and those with it will have very different views on life as it’s a very individualistic sign. Personally, I’ve known some sincerely villainous people with this placement and some absolutely wonderful, kind and gentle people with it too. 

Remember that personality may be influenced by so many factors including events experienced so far, genetics, past lives (if you believe in reincarnation, of course) and the rest of the astrological chart.

Positive traits keywords:

  • Compassionate
  • Selfless 
  • Intelligent
  • Kind
  • Good listener 
  • Loyal
  • Psychic 
  • Dependable 
  • Trustworthy
  • Sincere
  • Optimistic 
  • Motivated 
  • Successful
  • Sweet
  • Nurturing
  • Loving
  • Genuine
  • Humanitarian
  • Respectful
  • Grounded
  • Observant 
  • Understanding
  • Honest
  • Patient

Negative traits keywords:

  • Opinionated 
  • Argumentative 
  • Tactless
  • Acerbic
  • Manipulative
  • Vindictive
  • Volatile
  • Controlling
  • Insincere
  • Greedy
  • Materialistic 
  • Narcissistic
  • Aggressive 
  • Self-punishing
  • Anxious
  • Bitter
  • Destructive 
  • Obsessive 

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