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The Taurus Moon Woman

August 17, 2020

Interested in a Taurus moon woman? Or perhaps you have this placement yourself.

Well, you’re in for a treat because the inner nature of a woman with this placement is absolutely wonderful.

These women are devastatingly sensual and pleasure-seeking creatures. Forget about the Bull being the symbol for this sign. Men with this placement may resemble it in some ways but she’s nothing like it — physically, at least. On the contrary, she’s graceful, refined, sophisticated, and sweet.

Taurus is ruled by Venus — the planet of love, beauty and harmony and these women are indeed beautiful inside and out. 

She enjoys luxury, elegance, beauty, harmony and refinement in every facet of her life, from her home, what she wears, to the way she speaks and carries herself. Even her workplace may be adorned with plush and luxurious furniture and stationery. 

The moon is a feminine celestial body and in the sign of Taurus, which is also a feminine sign, it magnifies the femininity of a woman — even if her sun sign is a masculine sign like Leo or Aries.

Do bear in mind, however, that her moon sign is just one astrological placement in her natal chart of many. There will be other signs that will also invariably influence her nature but as discussed earlier, the moon sign is certainly one of the most important placements in anyone’s astrological chart

In fact, in archaic Western astrology, the moon sign was considered far more important than the sun sign. And that’s essentially because it represents the core nature and inner world of an individual. 

So it’s definitely worth checking out someone’s lunar sign when taking a look at their natal chart.

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Material wealth provides stability

constellation of the bull

This won’t apply to every single lunar Taurean woman out there but for many, material wealth makes her feel more secure in life. She also finds beautiful items such as crystals and jewelry genuinely enchanting.

And this can be mistaken for pronounced materialism. And some lunar Taureans will indeed be incredibly materialistic, but for the most part, she isn’t materialistic exactly; she simply finds comfort, joy, fun, and stability in her physical surroundings and material possessions. 

She feels grounded and secure through the physical stuff that she owns. And the more beautiful and expensive things she owns, the more secure she may feel in the world.

Some people may find this confusing, especially those with lunar signs in the element of air and water but it makes perfect sense to her. She also simply enjoys owning beautiful and in some cases, rare items such as rare antiques. 

Her senses require constant stimulation 

I can’t emphasize this trait enough. I really can’t. The moon in Taurus woman needs to constantly take rich in experiences via her senses in order to feel alive and content. 

She enjoys taking in beautiful art at the latest art exhibitions and viewing artefacts in museums, eating delicious food, listening to melodious music — preferably classical performances or operas. 

She might have a particular quirk for the feeling of soft and luxurious fabrics, such as velvet, satin and real cashmere and silk, which she’ll also enjoy wearing often so she can feel them all day long against her skin. 

She’s devastatingly sensual 

zodiac chart taurus traits

She needs to be with someone who can fulfil her every romantic and physical desire. If she isn’t feeling completely fulfilled in a partnership and in bed, she may leave her partner or enter into affairs. Sure, a great mental connection and friendship is important to her in a relationship, but a great emotional and physical connection is more so. 

The lunar Taurean female, being all about beauty, harmony, love and physicality, will put every effort into finding Mr or Mrs Right. She’ll day dream about them and visualize a wonderful relationship with someone amazing but she’ll also take action to make sure she meets the right person. 

She’ll put herself out there, she’ll go on dates, she’ll consistently look her best and being intelligent, she’ll know how to strike up interesting and engaging intellectual conversation every time. 

Everything about her is sensual. She may have a gentle, low mellifluous voice. Her skin and figure may be stunning, her choice of clothing and home may be magnificent. And as someone who has no issues with attracting wealth and beautiful things into her life, a beautiful and harmonious lifestyle just comes effortlessly. 

Her character is fundamentally harmonious

Can she at times seem stubborn, materialistic, and opinionated? Sure. We all can. But ultimately, at her core, this woman is deeply harmonious, serene, and earthy. And the more you get to know her, the more you’ll see that is genuinely down-to-earth, pragmatic and level-headed because the traits of her lunar star sign aren’t seen until you really get to know her.

In another time or even dimension, without the constraints and rules imposed by our modern society, you might find her living in a beautiful home filled with beautiful things, surrounded by picturesque woodland for miles on end with a collection of animals and children, rarely finding herself in any difficult situations or disagreements with others and often basking in the beauty of nature. 

She naturally knows her worth

astrological compatibility and traits

This is a woman with a very healthy amount of self worth. Like the moon in Leo woman, she holds herself in high regard and won’t put up with too much nonsense from anyone.

She can really capture the attention of her dates with her beauty, intellect and grace but she’ll only move forward with someone who she feels she could truly connect with one every level and who will treat her with care, respect and compassion. 

Her earthly pleasures must also be met and anyone who stands in the way of that by telling her that she can’t indulge in beautiful material things also won’t make for a suitable longterm partner. If she feels that you aren’t that into her, she’ll quickly pick up on it and will feel undervalued and under appreciated. At that point, it’ll be game over. 

She is also practical as an Earth sign but a balance between practicality and mutual romantic fulfilment must be struck in order for her to stay and for the relationship to grow.

She remains attached for long periods

While this is absolutely wonderful in committed, mutually fulfilling relationships, she should avoid getting stuck in situations that are no longer serving her.  

Taurus moon women can remain emotionally connected to people for exceedingly long periods of time, especially if she previously opened her heart and home to someone and given them her trust because she doesn’t trust or fall in love easily. 

However, saying that, with the right help from a caring, genuine friend, family member, councillor or energy healer, she can leave the past behind her and move onto a new adventure with someone more compatible.

The way she sees it, her gentle, private and creative nature needs to be protected and that can only be done by moving really slowly with a new partner. 

She’s a master of the arts

moon sign traits

She has a deep and meaningful connection with the arts. She might be an artist, interior decorator, singer or musician herself or she might just really admire beautiful works of art. Viewing the fine detail of a painting like observing the brush strokes, is entertaining to her. 

She’s cultured and educated and her home may be filled with stunning art works, shiny and expensive decorations and items and there will probably be a cool, lightly scented breeze and gentle music flowing through it.

Her home may even have a slightly ethereal feel to it with lots of plants dotted around as she really admires their beauty and finds they help to keep her connected to the earth. She loves nature, specifically trees, and may find herself being drawn to them.

You can’t easily change her mind

Taurus is a fixed star sign and getting them to change their minds about something that they’ve settled on is very difficult if not impossible. You could say that this is also where the Bull symbol of this sign comes into play. Imagine trying to get a bull to do something it doesn’t want to do. It would be pretty tricky, right?

She can also hang on to a lot of resentment and other negative emotions for long periods of time, just like the opposite sign, Scorpio. At times, when she’s really angry and off balance, she can emulate the most negative traits of Scorpio. 

She knows how to use the law of attraction 

lunar sign reading of natal chart

She’s able to effortlessly manifest abundance, great partners and enjoyable life experiences. 

She’s very intelligent, sophisticated and hard working so she will probably have an incredibly well paid job or lucrative business but money flowing to her from all kinds of avenues is simply par for the course. 

She might not even know what the Law of Attraction is, or believe that it’s real, and she will still manifest her dream life by simply believing that she can — that she fully deserves it (and she does, we all do).

Her visualizations are powerful, she feels deeply and can manifest from her heart with ease. Manifestations that come from the heart are particularly powerful and she’ll find that a lot of the people, experiences and things that she has in life come as a result of previous visulizations. 

If you hang around her long enough, you might just start to see how easily she creates her reality, which is typically abundant, luxurious, and lots of fun! 

Through life, she moves slowly and steadily

Or extremely quickly, like a human dynamo. And there’s pretty much nothing in between those two switches. 

When she isn’t being challenged or doesn’t have to get a lot done at work or at home, you’ll find doing something slowly and carefully such as cooking, painting, or working out. 

When she’s really determined to win something like a sporting competition, or get the best work done for a project at work or in college, she’ll muster all of her inner physical and mental strength in order to succeed. 

And she can succeed pretty easily because she attracts success and abundance easily, as mentioned above. 

Her energy is smooth, pleasant and stable

2nd house astrology

The constellation of Taurus is a wonderful place for the moon to be in. Women (and men) with this placement tend to have very grounded personalities and are usually consistent in behavior.

Even if her sun sign (or ascendant) is in a really animated sign like Aries or Gemini, her overall nature is still consistently calm, down-to-earth, stable, and pleasant. 

This is because, as mentioned earlier, Taurus is an earth sign and it’s also probably the most grounded out of all the earth signs.

She’ll also naturally gravitate towards people, situations and places that are serene and chilled. 

She’s a natural peacekeeper 

Not only for emotional wellbeing but for physical wellbeing. She’s sensitive and needs a lot of space to process emotions. 

Conflict and shouting matches aren’t her thing. She needs to have a peaceful and calm home and work environment in order to stay physically and emotionally well and she’ll consistently work to keep the harmony all around her. 

She’s a great helper, she’s solution orientated and an excellent mediator. She’s usually friendly, patient, approachable, reliable, and reasonable so ironing any issues out with her shouldn’t be difficult.

Disagreements and long standing stress can potentially trigger symptoms such as fatigue and depression. This of course applies to everyone but particularly for sensitive people. 

Sometimes, as she comes from a place of harmony and balance, she might struggle to understand why some people seem so war-like, volatile, impatient, and aggressive yet sadly this is just a part of how we live in modern society. 

Is the Taurus Moon Woman a Good Catch?

If you’re reading this article because you’re wondering if someone you like with this astrological placement would make a good partner, I would be inclined to say that she absolutely would be.

I personally love people with this placement.

I find them interesting, chilled, clever and peaceful. Something that other astrology websites don’t mention much is that they seem to have somewhat of an ethereal quality to them that is hard to articulate. They just seem a little other-worldly and magical. I’m not sure why in all honesty.

Of course, every single person on the planet is completely unique but the moon is certainly very happy and at home in the sign of Taurus and often makes for someone who is fundamentally peaceful and ultimately, good-natured.

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