8 Ways to Quickly Clear Negative Energy

March 15, 2019

You might notice that the energy in your home can sometimes fluctuate. At times, it can feel very heavy and others might also mention that the space feels unpleasant to be in if they’re sensitive to energy.  

Follow the below steps to clean your home and keep it clean!

Smudge Your Space

Smudging is the process of burning herbs or flowers with the intention of clearing any lingering negative energies from a property.

You can smudge with pretty much any herb.

Most people tend to opt for white sage as burning this herb can release large amounts of smoke, which is wonderful for cleansing areas quickly and thoroughly.

Start the process by opening the windows in the room you wish to cleanse or all around the house if you’re cleansing the whole house.

While walking around the areas you wish to clear, think positive, uplifting thoughts and set the intention for the space to be cleared. Use your hand or a fan to make sure the smoke reaches every area of the home including EVERY corner. Heavy energies really love settling and hiding away in corners!

It’s said that white sage is the most powerful cleanser of negative energies but if you don’t like the smell of burning sage (I’m not so keen on it), you can also smudge with the following:

  • Palo Santo Holy wood (this is especially good for cleansing the home of any energies associated with physical illness including common colds).
  • Lemongrass
  • Sweetgrass
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender (one of my favorites as it smells divine)
  • Bay leaves
  • Basil
  • Eucalyptus leaves

You can also smudge with incense sticks. Just light one, add it to a specially designed incense stick holder and move around the house with the same clearing intentions and make sure the rooms receive a good dose of smoke.

Many people prefer to use sandalwood sticks but there’s a huge choice out of fragrances out there including rose, Egyptian musk, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Citronella, Jasmine, and so many more.

If you enjoy the smell of incense, you might also like to diffuse some essential oils now and again to help maintain the high vibration of your home.

If you choose to smudge your home, do be careful to catch the falling ashes with a ceramic bowl. The pieces that fall off the burning herbs can set fabrics and carpets alight.

Large, beautiful seashells are often sold with sage smudge sticks as a bundle to make catching them easy. They also look really lovely together!

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Let Lots of Fresh Air Into Your Home

Just opening a window – or two can help to remove lingering, heavy energies.

Consider opening a window just a little bit and leaving it open all day long if you’re working in that room all day just to have that fresh air circulating in your space.

Play a House Clearing Track

There are dozens if not hundreds of energy clearing tracks available to play for free on YouTube.

These tracks usually play at a variety of frequencies such as 417Hz, 432Hz, and 936Hz but they will all transmute the surrounding energies to the same frequencies. Here’s one of my favorite tracks to get you started!

Ask Your Guides to Cleanse Your Home

If you believe that you have Guides or Angels who help you throughout your life, ask them to completely cleanse your space of any and all discordant energies.

Use the Power of Salt

Place a few bowls of sea salt, Himalayan rock salt or sea salt crystals in the middle of each of the rooms in your home.

Leave them there to absorb all the heavy energies for up to three days.

You then have the option of cleansing the salt by leaving it out in the sunshine for at least 12 hours or throwing it out. I never re-use sea salt as it’s very affordable and I’d rather not take the risk of using it again or leaving it in my home.

Use Some Specific Crystals

You can also use black Tourmaline and Obsidian in the same way as the salt. Of course, you won’t want to throw your crystals away afterward so leave them outside in strong, direct sunlight for at least 12 hours.

You can also cleanse them by running distilled water over them and setting the intention for them to be completely cleansed.

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Wipe Down All Surfaces, Dust & Hoover

Have you ever noticed how your home feels once it’s been cleaned?

Dropping crushed and dried lavender flowers onto the carpeted areas and leaving them there for around 20 minutes before hoovering can not only help to absorb any unwanted energy but should leave a gentle, mild and pleasant fragrance afterward.

Fabrics around the home such as cushion covers, mats, and rugs can retain negative energies quite easily so popping them in the wash or giving them a brush now and then drying or airing them outside, will also help to keep the energy in your home light and fresh.

If you feel that making some changes to the placements of the furniture in your rooms might help the energy to flow better throughout, have a play with it and see what feels better.

Use Essential Oils Mixed With Water

Fill a spray bottle up with tap water and add three to four drops of lavender, bergamot or lemon oil.

Give it a good shake and spray lighting throughout the air throughout your home.

If you have any carpeted areas, you might like to spray those with the mixture and then open lots of windows to allow the carpet to dry fully. Take care not to spray carpet you think might get discolored by the mixture! 

I hope you found my tips useful! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my home has been weighed down with heavy energies I would bring back with me from outside. They would impact my emotional as well as physical health at times and it was terrible.

This was WELL before I had discovered I was empathic and sensitive to energies, let alone how to take care of myself and cleanse myself and my home of discordant energies.

Having a light, clean and high vibe home is not only a wonderful feeling but it also allows you to keep a clear head, you’ll sleep better and your mood will be consistently lighter and brighter!

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