10 Quick and Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

February 4, 2019

It seems pretty effortless to get bogged down with all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings in today’s world.

We often have to contend with stress in SO many different areas of our usually crazy-busy lives!

We can experience issues at work, we have to keep up with our obligations, and keeping up with our responsibilities at home can seem incredibly overwhelming at times.

Luckily, there are plenty of things we can do in order to feel better on a daily basis and staying positive will help you to keep up with everything and wake up feeling inspired and energized.

Below are some suggestions which you’ll hopefully find useful. I personally find using essential oils and deep breathing exercises particularly helpful.

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Take Some Deep Breaths

This is probably the fastest, easiest and most effective way to clear and relax your mind and body. It can also be done pretty much whenever you are, including at work.

Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet and with your back straight, take four slow and deep breaths in through the nose, hold them for a few seconds before exhaling through the mouth.

The positive effects of deep breathing are hugely amplified in nature because nothing beats fresh, clean air.

Take a Long Bath with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is wonderfully relaxing because it contains magnesium. Magnesium helps to soothe muscle aches and calm the nervous system down. They’re great to try out anytime but especially useful after a workout or at the end of a stressful day at work!

Bathing with Epsom salts also helps to raise the amount of magnesium in your blood and considering magnesium plays loads of important roles within the body, that’s a BIG bonus.

Drink Water with Lemon

Drinking water with a few drops of fresh lemon will help to keep (or return) your body to an alkaline state, which is very important for maintaining good overall health and if you’re healthy, you’re much more likely to feel bouncy.

Wear Some Amethyst Jewellery

Irina Iacob / Unsplash

It’s said that wearing certain types of crystals can greatly boost your overall wellbeing and keep you feeling happy and relaxed.

Amethyst is a great multi-purpose crystal and it’s said by many that it can also help to relieve stress and boost inner calm — so you might like to try wearing it!

Polished amethyst ‘Donut’ pendants for necklaces for example, often look delightfully intriguing and beautiful and provide an easy way to wear the crystal.

Chip bracelets and sterling silver rings with amethyst are also easy to wear and look great. Amethyst is also a very affordably priced crystal with Donut pendants typically retailing at around just $3-6.

Remember to watch out for fakes as these are very common these days. To make sure you buy the real thing, only buy crystals from physical, brick and mortar stores or reputable and trusted online stores.

If you don’t like the color purple or don’t have any outfits which would go well with it, rose quartz, citrine and turquoise are also fabulous crystal choices that may help to keep your vibration high.

Some people think that in order to wear crystals, they have to charge and cleanse them frequently or do something else that’s special. While doing this is regarded by many as being very beneficial, wearing a crystal will be better than not wearing a crystal at all so maybe pick one, wear it for a while and see how you feel!

And FYI, yeah, cleansing it on a regular basis will absolutely help it to work better! I know it’s a pain to remember to do, but you might find that it’s really worth the effort!

Take Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy is a world-renowned stress relief remedy containing 38 flower essences.

Taking just a few drops when you’re feeling a little edgy or low should provide you with a quick way to feel more relaxed.

Write a List of 10 Things You’re Truly Grateful For

gratitude journal for lifting vibrationFreshh Connection / Unsplash

You’re very likely to have far more than a mere 10 things to be grateful for in life so making a list of JUST 10 things that you’re genuinely grateful for today should be super easy.

There are so many things that we often take for granted and yet would likely struggle a great deal without!

Two Minute Meditation Sessions

This is something that can be particularly convenient to try just before going to bed or immediately after you wake up in the morning because you’ll be in a relaxed state.

People often say they don’t have the time to meditate and in today’s fast-paced world, that’s understandable, but at these times of the day, you’ll hopefully be able to practice it for 2 or 3 minutes.

Just after you finish meditating, you might also like to try setting the intention of having a positive, fun-filled, and pleasant day. 

Drink Lion’s Mane Tea

lions mane tea for moodsCarolyn V / Unsplash

It’s called that because it’s made from a mushroom that looks like a Lion’s mane in color, form, and texture.

Many people have said they’ve found it deeply relaxing yet their focus was heightened at the same time.

You can consume it as a tea, or mix it with with a cool drink such as water or orange juice. It’s also available to take in capsule form. It has a very distinct taste so you might want to drink it with some food to reduce the after taste, which isn’t massively pleasant in my opinion!

Other teas known for their calming effects include:

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Rooibos
  • Lime flower

Jump Around to Some Happy Tunes


Listening to a few minutes of upbeat music has the ability to almost instantly inspire and uplift. Even better, have a little boogie if you can! Happy music can also help to make even the most mundane household chores way less boring.

If you’re at work, pop in some headphones on a break and find some happy songs to listen to on YouTube. 

Diffuse Some Essential Oils

Everything is said to vibrate at a certain frequency and some essential oils have particularly high frequencies. It’s because of this that I like to diffuse these rather than synthetic fragrances.

In all honesty, some essentials oils cans smell pretty bad (for example, pure Cedarwood can smell quite unpleasant) but there are plenty that smells utterly divine.

These include:

  • Bergamot
  • Rose
  • Lemon
  • Verbana
  • Pine needles
  • Sweet orange
  • Jasmine
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender

If you get fed up with diffusing the same fragrances over and over, try diluting and then mixing some of your favorites together to create your own unique scents!

If you don’t fancy that or your spare time is limited, try searching on Amazon for a new blend. There are also some lovely mixtures by the famous and trusted essential oil brand, Tisserand. They’re pretty low cost, completely natural, non-toxic, and smell utterly delicious!

Watch Some Comedy

Funny and light-hearted shows make you laugh and laughing can almost instantly raise your vibration! Amazon Prime and Netflix have tonnes of great comedies and shows to watch!

Hopefully you’ve found some of the above points helpful! I know that getting yourself back to a feel-good state on a low day can be tricky; we’ve all been there. I certainly have!

Try a few of the ideas above and let me know what you think. If you’d like to share any of your own ideas about how you easily and quickly shift your vibe upwards, be sure to drop me a comment below!

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