seeing triple numbers phenomenon

The Seeing Triple Numbers Phenomenon Explained

April 11, 2020

Rest assured that we’re going to explore the ‘seeing triple numbers phenomenon’ fully in this article. You’ll have the clarity you need about why you keep seeing them everywhere and what they mean.

Wow, I haven’t even started and I’m already reminiscing about the time I started seeing 11:11… It was around ten years now and let me tell you, it was absolutely EVERYWHERE.

I couldn’t miss it if I tried!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been seeing triple numbers in the most unlikely — and likely, places and you’d like to find out what they’re trying to tell you.

Maybe you’re already familiar with the meanings of numbers, or maybe you’re stumped and curious to find out more about them.

Well, either way, I’m here to help! But first of all, let’s go ahead and get clear on something…

Seeing the same numbers over and over (the ‘seeing triple numbers phenomenon’) is an actual thing — I promise!

It’s divine guidance! And LOADS of people see them all the time, all across the globe, and the frequency ranges from multiple times a day, to weekly, or much longer.

And what’s more, more and more people are starting to see them as they slowly wake up to the true nature of who they really are; spiritual beings having human experiences. 

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As a fellow repeating number viewer, I understand that it can be a really interesting, unnerving, confusing, and amazing experience to suddenly or gradually start seeing repeating number sequences anywhere and everywhere. 

Know that they really do hold meaning for you; it isn’t just your over-active imagination that’s causing you see them.

I’m going to go through each number and explain what each one means.

BUT, before we dive in, you might be curious to find out WHO or WHAT is showing you these numbers. 

Most people agree that they may be shown to you by any of the following:

  • God also referred to as Creation, Source, and the Universe
  • Your Higher Self also referred to as the Over Soul, and the Super Conscious Self
  • Your Angels

I personally believe that it’s the higher self that is consistently showing us repeating numbers, although many think it is their Angels and that’s why number patterns are usually referred to as angel numbers. 

Our angels are a part of our higher selves, however. We are one. So they essentially fall into the same category. 

And ultimately, as we are ALL one, because everything in this Universe and beyond was created by Creation, including the Universe itself, all the above are technically completely correct.

Please note that whenever a number is multiplied, and this includes the number zero, the energy is intensified. 

Ok, let’s dive in...

triple numbers

Repeating 1s Meaning 11,111,1111

Seeing repeating ones may signify any of the following:

  • Spiritual awakening
  • New beginnings
  • New life phases
  • Newfound meanings
  • Inner growth
  • The blossoming of wisdom
  • Learning 
  • Development on your spiritual path
  • Positive progression 

Summary: You’re awakening

More often, you’ll see 111, 1111 or just the numbers 11 or 1. Less often, you might spot 11111 or even 111111. 

The number one is always about a fresh start, essentially. Whatever that fresh starts may be; a new job, a new life event, a new career, a new child, and so on. 

It’s also a strong reminder to keep your thoughts positive because whenever you see repeating 1s, your connection to the Field of Potentiality, (the field that creates and attracts all experiences into your life — good, bad and neutral), is greatly strengthened. 

So if you wish to manifest positive situations, people and experiences, your thoughts and vibration should be kept happy and high as we can only manifest what we are being, rather than what we desire

1111 is particularly special in numerology because it’s commonly referred to as the ‘awakening code’, because people usually start seeing it just before or once they start going through a spiritual awakening. 

You may have chosen when to begin your spiritual awakening in your pre-birth plan and seeing 1111 very often may be a part of that process. 

Your awakening may be gradual or quick, consistent or inconsistent, depending on what you chose before incarnating and your freewill decisions whilst on Earth.

11 is also a Master Number and when doubled, it’s not only attention grabbing, it communicates its awakening significance with the subconscious mind. 

If you’re seeing 1111, you may not have seen any other repeating numbers as yet but you very likely will. Perhaps look at it a little like an ‘initiation’ number.

Even if you’ve already seen 1111 many times and you’ve already been through a spiritual awakening, you may still continue to see it. In that instance, it may be because at that particular time, your connection to the Field of Potentiality is particularly strong or you’re simply awakening more.

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Repeating 2s Meaning  22, 222, 2222

Seeing repeating twos may signify any of the following:

  • Partnerships
  • Pairings
  • Cooperation 
  • Relationships
  • Connection

Summary: You may be en route to meet your Soulmate or for a great collaboration

If you’re seeing 222, you’ll probably be feeling rather good about life overall. 

If you desire to meet someone new for a mutually fulfilling and lasting romantic relationship, it could mean that you’re presently in the right place energetically to allow the right person into your life. 

So you could soon be meeting your soulmate or twin flame, as you’re now on the path to meeting them, and in divine timing, it will happen. 

Try not to get too disappointed if it hasn’t happened for a while after seeing 222 because it may have simply been a heads-up that you will do so at the right time and only creation knows when that will be.

It can also signify that your angels are with you. Our angels are always with us, happily helping us in any way they can once we give them our complete permission, but sometimes it’s just nice to get that soothing confirmation that everything is well, that they’re on hand if you need them, and that you’re doing a good job on your current life path.

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Repeating 3s Meaning  33, 333, 3333

numbers phenomenon
_Marion / Pixabay

Seeing repeating threes may signify any of the following:

  • Expansive thinking and expansive being
  • Spiritual growth and awareness
  • Creative energy (this relates to the energy of Creation or Source energy that created us all and anything we create, as fragments or children of Creation)
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Ascended Masters (Master Souls who previously incarnated on Earth at least once such as Jesus) 
  • The principles of growth and increase
  • Divine Protection 
  • Divinity

Summary: Your wishes have been heard and you are being helped

Many people start awakening at age 33. It signifies great enlightenment, expansive thought, creativity and Soul growth. 

If you recently asked for divine guidance from your Angels, the Universe or a religious deity, and you’re seeing 333, it may very well indicate that they are with you and helping you to achieve your desires, whatever they may be. 

You might have asked for help to recover from an illness, to sort out your finances, to find a new partner, or to pass your exams. Whatever you’ve asked for, they’ve been called into action and they’re just letting you know that they’re now happily working by your side. 

As 3 is also a tremendously action orientated, creative number, you may also be about to embark on a creative, or spiritual career or project, or its presence is confirming that you should possibly explore one if you’ve been thinking about it. 

Repeating 4s Meaning  44, 444, 4444

Seeing repeating fours may signify any of the following:

  • Protection
  • Strength 
  • Support 
  • Solidity
  • Comfort 
  • Stability

Summary: Everything is going to be OK

When you think of the number 4, you might automatically think of stability. Items of furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, and many animals have four legs. They need them in order to remain stable, get around and survive.

You might be in need of some stability right now, or perhaps seeing it’s serving as confirmation that you’ve already received the stability you asked for, or that you’re about to receive it. 

It can also bring about comfort during difficult, stressful, and worrisome times through its message of strength, support, and stability. 

I wrote an article on the meaning of 444. It’s a lot more in-depth than what I’ve written here so check that out if you’d like to learn more about it.

Repeating 5s Meaning  5, 555, 5555

Seeing repeating fives may signify any of the following:

  • Life changes 
  • Shifts in awareness 
  • Changes in consciousness
  • Life experience 
  • Making life choices

Summary: Significant life changes are around the corner

The number 5 is all about significant life changes.

For example, you might start seeing 555 a lot just before a significant life event occurs such as deciding to quit your job, losing your job, being offered a new job, meeting a new partner, deciding to have a child or another child, moving out of your home unexpectedly, or buying a new home. 

It’s essentially preparing you for whatever change lies ahead and the change may be positive or negative. And remember, the more times you see the number and the more times it is repeated, the more significant the change is likely to be.

Any sudden positive or negative life changes, such as losing your job, or finding out you’re pregnant, whether you planned it or not, can be a lot to take in. However, they are all likely happening for your Soul’s learning, growth, and experience. 

Life changes often serve to place you where you’re supposed to be in your life, at the right time. You may have even pre-planned the change by including it in your pre-birth plan before you incarnated. 

Remember that whatever the change may be, your angels are always there for you — all you have to do is ask for their help and guidance, and they’ll be thrilled to give it to you! That’s their job, after all.

Repeating 6s Meaning  66, 666, 6666

Seeing repeating sixes may signify any of the following:

  • Harmony
  • Grace
  • Home life 
  • Balance 
  • Perseverance

Summary: Nope, it’s really NOT the devil’s number! Your life might need some fine-tuning

If you’d like to know what seeing 666 means when you’re manifesting with the Law of Attraction, check out my in-depth article.

The number 6 is usually associated with evil, the underworld, and the devil but in reality, its meaning is helpful, pleasant, pure, and positive.

It simply indicates that more harmony and balance may be needed in your life right now. Maybe you’ve been too focused on the 3D world of material success, or maybe you’ve been sending out a lot of negative thought energies about yourself and others. 

Or perhaps you’ve just been feeling stuck, dissatisfied or frustrated in life. 

Recall what you’ve been thinking, how you’ve been feeling, and what you’ve been doing recently. If you’ve been feeling a bit off, lost, angry, or focused on things and people that clearly aren’t for your highest good, it might be time for more balance to be brought into your life. 

This might be an ideal time to meditate regularly, do some inner work, or work with an energy healer such as a recommended Reiki healer, EFT practitioner, or another form of energy healing, to clear negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative energies from certain areas of your life. 

You should then notice a shift in your reality for the better and you should also start attracting more positive and balanced experiences as we always attract what we are being, as opposed to what we desire. 

Repeating 7s Meaning  77, 777, 7777

Seeing repeating sevens may signify any of the following:

  • Congratulations
  • Spiritual progression 
  • Triumph
  • Wonderful, fulfilling times ahead
  • A reminder of Angelic protection
  • Good luck
  • Self assertion 
  • Whole being-ness
  • Wholeness of self
  • Intuition

Summary: Congratulations!

If you’re seeing the number 7 often and better still, if it’s multiplied, to create 77 or 777 etc, you’re essentially being congratulated for something by the Universe!

Seven is the number of luck, prosperity, achievement, and additionally, intuition and psychic ability.

So aside from any recent achievements, including successfully overcoming obstacles or challenges in life, you might also have recently improved your psychic abilities.

It’s a really exciting and inspiring number to keep seeing!

And hey, it might also be letting you know that you’re currently on the path for a substantial lottery or scratch card win! This is especially true if you’re manifesting something — and that goes for anything, not just money.

The Universe is letting you know that your manifestation was heard and is being processed. They’re working on it for you at present and in divine timing, you will receive it.

Repeating 8s Meaning  88, 888, 8888

Seeing repeating eights may signify any of the following:

  • Infinity (the shape of the number 8 is the same as the infinity loop when turned on its side)
  • Abundance 
  • Improvement of manifestation skills
  • Improvement in business skills
  • Manifestation of expected and unexpected abundance
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Positive life progress
  • Successfully overcoming obstacles and challenges

Summary: Abundance is your birthright

The number 8 is all about manifestation and abundance. Now is the time to create more abundance, to be receptive to accepting more abundance, to create a new business, and to be open to receiving abundance from all sources.

Don’t limit where or when abundance will come to you. Just feel abundant,  and think thoughts of abundance. Become an abundant being, and abundance will flow to you with ease and grace via expected and unexpected channels. You’re right where you need to be in terms of spiritual development in order to manifest wonderful life experiences, people, and things.

Seeing 888 may also be confirming that your manifesting skills have recently bumped up a notch or two — you’re getting a lot better at it! Or you will be getting better at it soon and you’re being congratulated in advance. 

It can also confirm how well you’re doing in life overall. You may have recently overcome a sudden or expected downfall of some kind. Perhaps you’re experiencing a patch of depression, or the loss of your job, or a relationship came to an abrupt end. Whatever it is, the Universe is reassuring you, by showing you 888, that you did very well with that life lesson and you successfully overcame it. 

Repeating 9s Meaning  99, 999, 9999

Seeing repeating nines may signify any of the following:

  • Lightworker activation 
  • Successful life cycle completion 
  • New life cycle commencement
  • Shedding old karma and thought forms 
  • Initiation 
  • Action 

Summary: An exciting new life cycle is about to begin

The number 9 is about letting old energies out of your life and allowing new and better ones to enter into it. 

It’s also about stepping into your own as a lightworker, if that’s something that interests you. 

A lightworker, for those of you who don’t know, is someone who incarnated on Earth to help raise the vibration of the species so as many people as possible will be able move into the next dimension as that’s where the Earth is now heading. 

In order for us to move with it, we have to lighten our vibrations to match that of the new Earth.

The people on Earth prior to the mid 1940s, (around the time the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima), were heading down the wrong path. They were Souls that were experiencing many human lifetimes on Earth. They were too stuck in accumulated negative karma to be able to make spiritual progress and raise their vibrations. 

Souls who had experienced many incarnations elsewhere in the Universe heard the call of Earth to incarnate and help raise the planet’s frequency.

Earth essentially needed help because its inhabitants were holding it back from making spiritual progress. It was like we were stuck in quicksand and the only way out was to get hauled out by others who knew how and had the resources to help.

We’re now on a far better, lighter path because a lot of people on Earth started experiencing spiritual awakenings and many of the lightworkers also awakened and have been helping to raise the vibration of the planet. This can be seen by looking at the Schumann chart which measures the frequency of the planet. 

Repeating 0s Meaning  0, 00, 000, 000

Seeing repeating zeros may signify any of the following: 

  • New spiritual journey 
  • Spiritual growth
  • Wholeness
  • Grounding 
  • Back to spiritual basics
  • Rebooting your life 
  • Shedding old energies 

Summary: All the meanings of the numbers combined indicating a fresh, positive start

Seeing repeating 0’s is pretty awesome. I’ve been seeing repeating numbers for almost an entire decade now and I’ve never once seen ANY repeating zeros. 

It’s actually pretty rare to see 0s. One reason for this may be because zero encompasses the meanings of ALL the numbers, so, it means all of the above, however, it also indicates new beginnings. 

Look at zero like a spiritual reset or reboot. 

In order for you to move to the next level of your spiritual journey, you’re been urged and guided to connect with your spirituality and higher self. 

You may be just about to experience a massive, life changing event or epiphany. The change is more likely to be positive, but it can also be negative. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and consistently affirm to yourself that everything always happens for you, and not to you; everything happens for your highest joy.

Do try meditating to ground and centre yourself and connect with your higher self. Your higher self is YOU in the very distant future — just a more spiritually evolved you and you can ask it questions all the time if you feel like you need guidance on a number you’re seeing.

Or you can ask it anything else for that matter!

Want to See Angel Numbers More Often?

numeric miracles and synchronicities
@isiparente / Unsplash

Don’t Want to See Angel Numbers Anymore? 

Ok, I hear you. That’s fair enough.

The seeing triple numbers phenomenon can be a pretty unnerving experience. See my article on how to stop seeing repeating numbers.

What I’ve written here for all numbers may or may not resonate with you. You may also discover a number holds its own unique meaning for you. 

Our higher selves, the Universe and our angels try to communicate a LOT of different messages to us. So, over time, you might unearth totally different meanings for the numbers you see.

And remember that by looking up the meaning of particular numbers online, you’ll just have to use your intuition to feel what resonates with you as being true. 

You can also combine the meanings of numbers if you’re seeing more than one often.

I really hope you found this article helpful. The seeing triple numbers phenomenon is a perfectly real experience and personally, I adore seeing repeating numbers. I feel really connected to the Universe and if feel like it’s really speaking to me whenever they pop up. It often feels like magic!

Let me know in the comment section below if you’ve seen some recently, which ones, and what you feel they mean for you.

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