1010 Esoteric Meaning

September 25, 2019

Angel number 1010 is a real favorite of mine. The meaning of this angel number may be summarised as follows: Take action because NOW is the perfect time! You’re ready to embrace the new in your life. Go for it! 

The time is just right to take action on something new. Be it a new career path, job, relationship, workout schedule, lifestyle, home, business or something that you’ve been contemplating for a while. The time is ripe for bringing in the new.

Look at yourself as standing at the precipice of a large rock face. You are in a position where you currently have absolutely everything that you require in order to climb it — and successfully reach the very top!

So many of us constantly worry if we’re good enough for this or that, or if we have what it takes to do so many things in life.

Sometimes we genuinely aren’t in positions to accomplish the things that we desire, but right now you are.

Don’t Fear Change and Embrace New Chapters in Your Life

Change can be such a fantastic thing. New opportunities usually arise with life changes. Don’t worry about the new that will enter into your life as a result of your inspired thoughts and actions.

Always remember that you manifest your thoughts, feelings, conscious and subconscious beliefs on a moment by moment basis. Visualize a happy, fruitful outcome for all yourself and all those involved and feel as if you are already existing in the new reality you desire to create.

Who Is Showing Me This Number?

Most people believe their angels and guides are showing them numbers for the purpose of guidance. Some spiritual people believe that it’s their Higher Selves. Others believe that it is God or the Universe.

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What If I’m Seeing 1010 Alongside Other Numbers?

You can combine their meanings to decipher the more unique meaning for you.

As an example, combining 1010 with 444 may mean that the time is right to start something new and the foundation upon which it can develop is stable as 444 indicates stability and being on the right path in life. It also indicates that everything will turn out well and not to worry about the outcome.

My Personal Experiences With The Number 1010

The number 1010 would appear a lot in the past when I was in two minds about undertaking a new project, moving away from a friendship or ending a relationship.

Whenever I felt uncertain about moving into a new phase of life, it would show up over and over again. I would see it on the clock, and in various other highly unlikely places to offer gentle encouragement to move forward. I’m so glad that I paid attention to it because by taking action, I now live in a better reality. 

Remember that your angels and guides care SO MUCH about you and genuinely wish to help you make wonderful progress in life. They only ever show you numbers to help you along your life path and to make the most out of the gift of your current life.

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