11 Reasons Why Selenite Is Totally Awesome & What It Can Do for You

April 13, 2019

I’m not sure if the benefits of using selenite are kind of overlooked or underrated… I feel like they are.

So I created this quick list of reasons why you should have it in your life!

1. It Can Cleanse Your Aura Super Quickly & Effortlessly

Cleansing your aura with selenite is soo much faster than burning herbs and waiting for the smoke to surround you.

It literally takes just over a minute to cleanse your entire body, whereas it may take you that long to simply find your matches to light your sage stick!

The added benefit of this is that you’ll likely also be inclined to cleanse your aura more often. I keep my polished selenite wand in a drawer near my desk so that at the end of each day, I can cleanse my aura easily and quickly.

How to actually use it?

Holding your piece of selenite (rough or polished, it really doesn’t matter) approximately two inches away from your body at all times, run it over your entire body from head to toe, including around your head, your arms, hands, and feet.

It’ll absorb any unwanted energies hanging around in your aura and leave it sparkling clean. You should feel far lighter and more energized.

It’ll also help to seal your aura so you’ll be less likely to pick up more unwanted energies in the future.

2. Use It to Connect with Your Higher Self During Meditation

Holding selenite while meditating is said to help you to connect to your Higher Self much more effectively and faster. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps its cleansing abilities can help to raise your vibration.

You also use it to connect to your angels and guides faster and easier while meditating too.

3. It Sucks up Stale, Neutral and Negative Energies like a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re unsure about investing and giving it a shot, just buy a small tower and place in on your desk or in the area you work, hang out, or sleep, and see how you feel after a week or so! 

You might notice that the energy in the area feels much lighter and you feel clearer minded and even more at ease in your space.

4. It Looks Beautiful & Goes Well with Pretty Much Everything

Due to its transparent, slightly opaque, whitish color, it can be placed almost anywhere in the home and effortlessly blend in or add a pop of interest here and there.

5. It Can Be Used to Create Stunning Pieces of Art

Many gorgeous, statement pieces have been created using selenite. Just a quick look on Google and you’ll see some truly beautiful and ethereal artworks and home decor pieces such as large, glistening chandeliers.

6. It Can Help You to Clear Your Mind Incredibly Quickly

Due to its amazing, perpetual clearing ability, you should feel much clearer minded around it — and quickly as it acts pretty much instantly!

Intention setting and the use of positive affirmations also help with clearing auras and spaces.

You can, for example, set the intention for your selenite to cleanse your space of any and all negative, stale, or neutral energies, including any thought energies of your own, on an ongoing basis.

Remember to give thanks to the crystal for its work. The vibration of gratitude is very high and really helps to set intentions.

7. Use It in Place of Smudging with Sage or Other Herbs

Selenite has multiple cleansing uses. You can use it to clean spaces, auras, but also items just like you might do with burning sage!

If you have some items in your home that you feel might be carrying some heavy energies for whatever reason, simply run the selenite around the items a few times and see how they feel to you once finished.

8. It Conditions the Energy of a Place After Smudging

It’s brilliant to cleanse spaces of unwanted, lingering energies. Totally brilliant…

BUT after you do that, you’re left with a very empty space, devoid of any energy at all. Add a piece of selenite (tower, lamp, wand, ball, etc) to a space after cleansing to condition the atmosphere with good, uplifting energies.

Of course, if you’re cleansing a space with selenite, you don’t need to do this.

9. It Doesn’t Need Cleansing

This is probably one of the best — and most unique, things about selenite!

I absolutely adore my crystals and I’m so incredibly grateful for the wonderful things they are able to do, but remembering to cleanse them can be a bit annoying at times!

Unlike the very vast majority of gemstones, selenite is a natural cleanser itself and therefore should never require cleaning, which will save you plenty of time and effort.

10. It’s Super Affordable

Large crystals are usually pretty pricey but a selenite tower standing at around 15cm in height and 5cm in diameter will usually only cost around $8 bucks.

11. It’s Easy to Get Hold Of

You can buy selenite towers, wands, tumble stones, hearts, cats etc in so many places online, including at this gemstone auction site.

It isn’t hard to get hold of at all. Most metaphysical stores stock it too.

If you’re happy to shop on eBay, there are tonnes of reputable sellers there who often list selenite pieces and many other crystals and fossils in their stores. Most seem to have excellent feedback scores. It’s also available to buy on Amazon too.

I hope that you try selenite out one day if you haven’t already. If you have some, but you’re not sure how to use it, definitely try out some of the suggestions above and see how you feel!

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