6 Reasons Why Blue Sodalite Should Be In Your Life

March 15, 2019

These days, I always keep a piece of blue sodalite on my desk.

I had never even heard of it until a few months back but once I found out how it could help me, I promptly ordered a large polished tumble-stone online and it’s lived on my desk ever since.

Aside from giving off a truly relaxing vibe, and looking super pretty, it can also apparently help us in the following ways:

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1. It May Help with Reducing Anxiety

I say this tentatively because I have suffered from intense anxiety and depression in the past and I would hate to give out false information.

Of course, always seek advice from a trained medical professional if you’re suffering from anxiety but as a complementary therapy, simply try keeping a piece of sodalite near you. You could keep it on your nightstand, desk, wear it, or place it wherever you spend a lot of time. 

Try buying a piece at a physical store rather than online. Set the intention before visiting the store that the right piece of sodalite to help lessen your anxiety will find you. You should then be drawn to the right one by feeling an energetic connection to a certain stone or sculpture.

Finding the right piece for you may help to build a stronger bond between you and thus really reap the benefits of it.

2. It Encourages the Use of Better Communication

Marsjo / Pixabay

Sodalite is a great crystal to address any issues that may exist with the throat chakra.

If you’re preparing for a presentation or you’re worried about speaking to someone about an important matter, try using sodalite to ease any fears and aid the flow of good communication.

3. It Expands Spiritual Awareness

I’ve always viewed crystals as being purely complementary to the delicate and often long process of spiritual awakening. There does seem to be something different about the vibration of sodalite, however.

It can really help with creative thinking and if you decide to try it out, you might also find it opens the mind up to new possibilities. This, in turn, may help to increase spiritual awareness and even encourage spiritual growth.

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4. It Encourages the Use of Logic & Reason

Sodalite has a wonderfully grounding (or earthing) energy. When you’re fully grounded, you’ll typically feel calm, collected and far better able to think things through clearly and logically. Excessive emotionality is usually unnecessary or at least, kept in check.

So if you’re feeling fearful of an upcoming experience such as going for an important job interview, going on a first date, or sorting out a difficult issue at work, try wearing a small piece of sodalite and see if that helps you to feel more balanced and at ease.

5. It’s Great for Focus

A few months back, staying focused enough to write an article was at times, pretty darn tricky.

I had to make a made a number of changes to my life in order to find focus and concentrate long enough to get my posts down. Sodalite was one of the things I added to my desk to help with this and boy, did it work!

I wasn’t really expecting it to, in all honesty, but having it sit next to the monitor as I write is now a vital part of my blogging routine. I really do think that it helps me to keep my thoughts in order.

It also seems to be particularly great for focused journaling, planning my various daily routines and writing out my to-do lists.

6. It Can Help to Clear & Cleanse The Mind

Due to it’s grounding energy, it can also help you to clear your mind and relax you by dumping any negative thoughts and clearing negative thought patterns over time.

Some Notes: 

Don’t forget to cleanse this crystal as often as you feel it’s needed. You’ll be able to feel when it’s overloaded.

If not, good practice would be to cleanse it after each use. You can do this by leaving it outside for a few hours in the fresh air or briefly smudging it with the smoke of burning sage or Holy Palo Santo wood. You can also ask Spirit or an Arc Angel of your choice to cleanse it.

I hope you found this article helpful. I really do keep sodalite on my desk to help me focus and I promise you that it REALLY does work!

It also helps me to feel less overwhelmed because as an empath, even working on the computer all day long can be overwhelming with all the energies I absorb through the monitor!

Much love.

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