7 Spiritual Tools & Ideas to Help You Blog More Efficiently

September 30, 2019

The following tools and ideas really, and I mean, really, helped me to blog far more efficiently so I’m sharing them below and I really hope you find some value in them too!

1. Epsom Salt Baths for a Magnesium Boost

Epsom salt is actually Magnesium sulfate and bathing in it is a really effective way of getting some additional Magnesium into your body. It’s also a super relaxing way to cleanse your aura and clear your mind.

You’ll get an energy boost from the Magnesium too!

All this is great for putting in those extra hours of work into your blog!

After a long day at the desk, the salt with also help to soothe any back pain.

I know that after being in front of the computer for just a few hours in the morning, my shoulders and neck start to get stiff and ache a little. The occasional Epsom salt bath can really help to relieve the stiffness.

2. Citrine Points for Attracting Success & Abundance

Real citrine is a wonderfully powerful magnet for attracting wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.

Although, there are a couple of slight drawbacks. One is that it’s usually pretty expensive (approximately $100 – $150 for a clear or yellowish citrine point). And two, people often think that when they’re buying citrine that they actually own citrine…

But they’re kind of, well, not

There’s A LOT (probably far too much) fake citrine on the market today. Real citrine is often almost entirely transparent and can look very similar to clear or smoky quartz.

Some pieces will have a yellow tinge to them, and those would be the ideal pieces to own for attracting abundance.

If you don’t already know, fake citrine is made by taking amethyst and treating it with heat at very high temperatures until it turns deep yellow or orange. It’s then often advertised and sold as citrine.

I’ve even spotted very legitimate gemstone suppliers and metaphysical stores passing burnt amethyst off as citrine! Yep, I know, I was shocked when I found this out too! It’s not great.

If you do decide to invest in a real piece of citrine, consider buying a large polished citrine point.

Place it where you usually work after cleansing it and set your intention for it to help you manifest blogging success. 

3. Selenite for Aura Cleansing

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Selenite can swiftly and effectively cleanse your aura and keep any negative energies, including negative thought energies, away from your work station.

You can place a selenite tower on your desk or you buy a selenite wand and use it to comb through your aura at the end of each day.

By clearing your aura with it at the end of each day, you might find yourself feeling lighter, more focused, and it may even help you to get off to sleep easier and sleep deeper.

4. Smudge Your Work Space with Californian Sage

Brittany Colette / Unsplash

Smudge your work area at the end of each day with Californian sage to shift any unwanted energies that may have accumulated in the area during the course of the day.

Some people also quickly smudge their desks, and everything they’ve worked with like their computers or laptops, their folders, notepads, printers, and their stationery.

If you haven’t been working at a desk, smudge the area that you’ve spend most of your day in, such as your sofa, kitchen or studio.

If you’ve had a very long and tiring day, or something unpleasant happened, consider smudging the entire room you’ve been working in, if possible of course. This will help to remove any lingering, weighty energies that have the potential to alter your frame of mind and energy levels the following day.

You can condition the space by inviting positive energies in once you’ve finished. You can ask the angels to infuse the space with energies such as strength, self-confidence, self-trust, and self-love.

I like to finish up a cleanse by adding a few drops of lavender oil to some fresh water in a spray bottle and spray the mist around the room. Just a few squirts always does the job.

At the end of your cleansing, your room will feel much lighter and will smell so much fresher and lovelier.

If you’re in a hurry to get out the door, which we all are from time to time, just open the window for 20 minutes or so before you leave. The fresh air will really help to cleanse the atmosphere — and invigorate you.

5. Releasing Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code 

The Emotion Code was created by Bradley Nelson.

It’s a tool that can help you to remove trapped emotions from yourself that might be harming or nagively impacting you in some way. It’s totally amazing.

I’ve been practicing it on myself for years now and I honestly feel the benefits usually immediately after releasing each emotion. 

You can grab his book, The Emotion Code, on Amazon or eBay. You might have to read a few chapters to figure out if this healing modality is a good fit for you, but you might find that it’ll be worth it in the long run. It’s a fascinating read regardless.

I chose to mention this here because essentially, eliminating any trapped emotions that may be hindering your self-confidence or success potential may help you reach your blogging goals faster and with greater ease.

6. Daily Meditation for Prosperity 

Mark Zamora / Unsplash

The many benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again.

Meditation can seriously help you to focus your thoughts and clear your mind of excess mental chatter, including any worries or doubts that you might not reach certain goals with your blog.

A clearer mind definitely means way better writing and exciting ideas for your content will flow to you with far greater ease.

A meditation session should only take 10-20 minutes and can be done pretty much anywhere that’s quiet. Even your kitchen, if quiet enough, will do!

If you haven’t tried it yet, I honestly can’t recommend it enough. Give it a shot; it’s totally free, fun, relaxing and takes just minutes out of your day.

People who meditate often say the best time to do it in the morning but I kinda disagree; I think pretty much whenever you feel like it and you’re able to take that time out of your day is fine.

7. Visualization for Success 

What does blogging success actually look like — and very importantly, feel like, to you?

Visualization is great because it has the ability to implant visions of what we desire to create in our futures into our subconscious minds.

Once you see and feel the end result of what it is you desire to create in your life, you should quickly and easily manifest it.

If you’re having trouble visualizing or you don’t feel like you fully understand how to do it, or even why you should try it, I’d recommend you read the book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

Much love.

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