How to Stop Seeing Repeating ‘Angel’ Numbers

September 24, 2019

Repeating numbers, also known in by those following a spiritual lifestyle as ‘angel numbers’ show up to help guide us through our lives and to offer us comfort, reassurance, and confirmation that we’re on the right path.

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The number of times they show up and the different numbers which show up will vary significantly from person to person.

Some people see repeating numbers every day, others might only see them during very challenging times in their lives. Others may only ever see 1111, not pay attention to it, and then never see any further repeating numbers again.

I understand that it can be a genuinely freaky, almost unsettling experience to see a certain number — or numbers, show up in the most unlikely places over and over again, but rest assured that you’re not alone!

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people across the planet often see repeating numbers. 

Certain numbers can grow to mean a lot to different people.

As an example, I often see 444 when I’m very worried about the outcome of a situation. I have come to understand what it means that everything is going to be ok, and whenever I’ve been worried about anything, the outcome has always been fine.

I really see this as a wonderful, divine gift and I’m always so incredibly grateful for the message of reassurance and comfort when it pops up during stressful and uncertain times.

It also rather pains me a little to write this article as I know what a wonderful blessing seeing angel numbers is.

The vast majority of people sadly don’t have the opportunity to see them and discover the meanings behind them in order to prepare for upcoming events, be encouraged to make important life changes, or be reassured or guided by them.

This is a planet of free will, however.

So if for whatever reason, you no longer wish to see repeating numbers, your wish will very likely be granted. And again, I totally understand that seeing repeating numbers everywhere can be a really freaky experience! 

Of course, I can’t guarantee that the suggestions below will help you to stop seeing them for good but giving them a shot won’t hurt.

Ask Your Guides and Angels to Stop Showing Them to You

Addressing your Higher Self, angels, and guides, firmly state that you do not wish to see what we have come to know as ‘angel numbers’ for the time being, or simply anymore.

You might also wish to state why this is so, for your own clarity and peace of mind, although your Higher Self, angels, and guides will know what you’re thinking and feeling regardless. 

Stop Paying Attention to Them 

After stating that you no longer wish to see them, you probably won’t see them anymore, however, if you still see the odd one now and again and it’s causing you distress, you can also try the following:

Avoid reacting positively or negatively to any of them when they show up in your reality. Just observe them and move on.

You might like to make a rough, mental tally of how often you’re seeing them and notice a decrease in the number of sightings over time. 

That’s pretty much the long and the short of it!

I sincerely hope that if and when you’re ready in the future, you might like to start seeing them again.

If you still see repeating numbers after trying the above, it may be that your guides and angels are really trying to get your attention for an important upcoming event.

You may be seeing them for important reasons and your Higher Self will know if it’s the best for you or not. Sometimes, our Higher Selves disagree with what we think we want or need!

I hope that helps. Again, I know that seeing repeating numbers often can be a little creepy when it starts happening, but with time, it can become a perfectly natural, normal — and fantastic, part of everyday life.

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