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  • Seeing 444 Means You’re About to Receive Much Needed Guidance and Stability

    Diana March 15, 2020

    Are you seeing 444 everywhere?! Do you keep looking at your cell phone at exactly 4:44 pm? Or do you keep waking up at exactly 4:44 am? These synchronous occurrences can be incredibly intriguing, especially when you first start to experience them. Don’t worry, you’re NOT going crazy — but you are receiving higher guidance! Repeating numbers and number patterns are also often referred to as ‘angel numbers’ because many…

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  • Why Have I Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers?

    Diana December 19, 2019

    Has it been a long time since you last saw any repeating numbers?  The angel numbers you were seeing offered you inspiration, guidance, and oftentimes, much-needed comfort and reassurance. So you’re confused as to why you’ve stopped seeing them, and maybe you’re even a bit…

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  • 1010 Esoteric Meaning

    Diana September 25, 2019

    Angel number 1010 is a real favorite of mine. The meaning of this angel number may be summarised as follows: Take action because NOW is the perfect time! You’re ready to embrace the new in your life. Go for it!  The time is just right…

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  • How to Stop Seeing Repeating ‘Angel’ Numbers

    Diana September 24, 2019

    Repeating numbers, also known in by those following a spiritual lifestyle as ‘angel numbers’ show up to help guide us through our lives and to offer us comfort, reassurance, and confirmation that we’re on the right path. RELATED: Why Have I Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers?…

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  • Angel Number 414: Remove Blocks to Abundance

    Diana September 10, 2019

    I always know when it’s time to write about another angel number because I’ll start seeing it often enough for the meaning to become clear. And I’ve been seeing 414 A LOT lately. If you have a habit of getting stuck in life due to…

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  • 321 Angel Number: A Countdown to a Fresh Start

    Diana August 17, 2019

    I absolutely LOVE angel number 321! This number started to appear very frequently in my reality just before my life dramatically changed for the better. At one point in my past, I felt I was doing pretty poorly in life. Absolutely nothing seemed to be…

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