• 9 Epic Mistakes New Bloggers Make

    Diana March 2, 2020

    Learning how to blog is just like learning how to do anything new. You’ll likely make plenty of mistakes along the way but you’ll definitely get there in the end if you put the work in. A little over a decade ago, when I was doing my degree in Graphic Design at Saint Martin’s College in the UK, I was making websites on the side for some extra money to keep…

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  • How to Find The Perfect Domain Name

    Diana October 9, 2019

    So… I actually had a blog before this one… Yep. It was BUT… After a few weeks of blogging on this domain, I felt totally deflated. I decided that it just didn’t accurately represent what I had in mind for my brand and I ditched…

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  • 9 Incredibly Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog

    Diana October 2, 2019

    Forget the scoffers and the skeptics; blogging can TOTALLY become your actual career. For the foreseeable future, too! Believe it — because it’s true.  Not only that, but blogging full-time will mean you’ll have more freedom and more time to spend with those who matter…

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  • 11 Crucial Tips for Prospective Bloggers

    Diana September 27, 2019

    Before I started my blog, I had only really a rough idea of the things I’d like to write about. I knew about online marketing and SEO as I was a website designer for many years prior. But that was pretty much it. I had…

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  • 7 Life-Changing Benefits of Being a Full-Time Blogger

    Diana September 21, 2019

    Contrary to (incredibly) popular belief, it really DOESN’T have to take years upon years to make a decent living wage with a blog! It really doesn’t. Well before I started my blog, I was a Pinterest addict and over the years, I had come across…

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  • 8 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Doing Great

    Diana September 18, 2019

    If you’ve set up a blog and it just isn’t doing much, I can totally relate and sympathize! I was under the impression that if I just built a blog, people would just somehow find my posts through Google and read them. This was NOT…

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  • 8 SEO Mistakes You Have No Idea You’re Making

    Diana September 14, 2019

    I cringe at the mere recall of my initial SEO strategy… It was so bad. I wish I had paid more attention to the SEO gurus, read more articles and studied more before diving into blogging and attempting to rank my posts! Below I’m going…

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  • 10 Surprising Drawbacks of Being a Full-Time Blogger

    Diana September 12, 2019

    Ok, so believe it or not, there are some not-so-great things about being a full-time blogger. Who would have thought it! Let’s dive on in. 1. Anti-Social Working Hours If you’re just starting out, and you still have a full-time job or other commitments that…

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  • How to Breathe New Life into Your Old Posts

    Diana September 11, 2019

    Your old blog posts don’t have to gather dust. It isn’t a given – I promise! You very likely invested A LOT of time and effort in producing them so make sure they stay relevant and get better search engine rankings by implementing my top…

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  • How to Overcome These 6 Super Common Blocks to Blogging Success

    Diana September 10, 2019

    Hey, wannabe full-time blogger! This post is for YOU! I wish that when I started out blogging that I had someone to guide me along the way but I couldn’t afford a course like the one at Elite Blog Academy, and no one I knew,…

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  • Blogging Resources I Use

    Diana May 27, 2019

    You know that you want to build a successful blog but knowing where to start can be tricky. I know because I was in the exact same position many moons ago and well, that’s one of the reasons I created this page. I genuinely want…

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