law of attraction

  • 7 Steps to Comic Order Love

    Diana April 11, 2020

    You know when you read a post about manifesting a partner and you think to yourself that all this law of attraction stuff is probably a load of new-age woo-woo? Yep, I was totally there. Related: 9 HABITS OF HIGH VIBE PEOPLE I write about the Law of Attraction now and I practice manifesting things, people and life experiences each day, but a mere seven years ago, I would flinch…

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  • The Law of Attraction and Narcissistic Abuse

    Diana March 2, 2020

    As you’re probably very well aware, dealing with narcissists, especially for prolonged periods of time, can leave you feeling worthless, confused, humiliated, abandoned, and devastated. Victims of narcissistic abuse can lose their life savings, homes, mutual friends and family members who side with the narcissist…

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