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9 Things Influencing Your Vibration You May Not Know About

March 17, 2020

Like many empaths, I spent most of my twenties figuring out how to hold a steady, positive vibration.

It wasn’t great and affected my life on a daily basis. After many years of trial and error, I found the stuff that worked for me and kept me feeling consistently balanced and overall, pretty good. Here’s what I found:

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1. Artwork 

Dark artwork with dystopian scenes can resonate on the lower frequencies.

However, even artwork that can appear positively orientated can hold low vibrational energies because of the locations they were previously stored in, any previous owners projecting negative thought energies towards them or around them, or even negative feelings the artist may have had while creating the work.

When purchasing any artwork, consider smudging it with sage or another herb, before placing it inside your home, especially if it’s second hand.

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2. Your Clothing & Style

Matt Seymour / Unsplash

Different colors hold different vibrations.

Some people also believe that you can become deficient in certain colors if you avoid having contact with them for prolonged periods of time. I have found this to be very true and occasionally crave to be near certain colors.

I once had an extremely interesting exchange with a fantastic energy healer regarding color deficiency.

I had a whole list of questions to ask her about a completely unrelated matter and the last one on my list was if I was deficient in the color green because I really felt that I was.

I drew breath to ask her, and just before I could speak, she told me that I was deficient in the color green and that I should consider buying a green item of clothing to wear close to my skin. I was absolutely stunned!

I used to wear black virtually every day but after realizing that different colors hold different vibrations and that a good mixture of them can supply us with different, positive energies, my whole wardrobe changed!

Another point about clothing is this: just like soft furnishings and many other items created with frabic, clothing can also easily absorb and retain negative emotions and other energies.

After putting on an old shirt or pants, you might notice feeling similar to the last time you wore them when you were upset about something.

Smudging clothing with sage can help to cleanse items of clothing of any weighty residual energies.

FYI, washing them helps too, but smudging them will help to cleanse them completely. You certainly don’t ever have to throw them away or donate them (unless you want to of course)!

When buying clothes from thrift stores, just make sure to always smudge them before wearing them to avoid picking up the energies of the previous owners.

3. Tattoos

Tattoo themselves are wonderful (unless they contain dangerous inks).

It’s just the way in which other people perceive your tattoos that may cause issues. For example, you could have a beautiful tatto of a skull with roses emerging from the eye sockets.

For you, this may hold very significant meaning, such as rebirth or leaving an old part of your life behind. It may also simply be very aesthetically pleasing.

Others, however, may perceive it as having negative connotations and subsequently think negative thoughts about you. The negative energy directed at you and the artwork may then influence your vibration.

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4. Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as pillows, throws, duvets etc are particularly susceptible to accumulating energies, even thought energies and feelings!

Make sure you smudge your entire house AND occasionally each soft furnishing with sage as and when you intuitively feel this is needed.

5. Certain Buildings and Locations

Ashley Whitlatch / Unsplash

Have you ever noticed feeling heavy or down after walking through a graveyard or walking into a meeting room that’s full of unhappy co-workers? I know I have.

People who are very empathic can pick up on, absorb, and hold the energies of places. Some places resonate at far lower frequencies than others due to their accumulated energies.

Places where people have been feeling very depressed, for example, like graveyards, will often hold heavy energies. Such places can really lower your vibration and cause you to feel similar emotions to those felt by the people previously in that area.

The building you currently live in may also be influencing your vibration. Negative energies can linger for long periods of time in the atmosphere, and discarnate energies can also heavily contribute to the vibration of a place.

If you’re an Empath, you can protect yourself by frequetly cleansing and sealing your aura to avoid heavy emotions sticking to you. 

You can also always ask the angels to protect you before walking into an area you know will have heavy residual energies or discarnate energies.

6. The News

You’re probably already very well aware that the media can really, really impact your vibration. And not usually in a good way.

Stories about murders, rapes, child abuse, and thefts are all very real but can be very heavy for empaths to consume.

Depending on what you’re taking in, it can make you feel great or it can also make you feel scared, down, angry and many other negative emotions.

Newspapers and news programs usually resonate at fairly low vibrations as they tend to focus on and report a lot of the negative stuff that’s going on in the world.

I tend to stay away from the news, newspapers and news websites as much as possible and I know many other empaths do too. I found that it helps to keep my vibration steady.

7. Your Neighbors and People You Live With

Your neighbors, roommates, and family members can heavily influence your vibration.

The only real way to prevent negative family members from affecting your vibration is to move away from them. Although many people can’t do that for many different reasons and if you can’t, protect your aura by smudging yourself on a regular basis. You can also ask for protection from your angels and guides.

If you can choose the people you’d like to live with, consider opting for light, positively orientated people as this will totally help to keep your vibe flying high!

8. Accumulated Energies in Your Aura

Just walking around and living your life can affect your vibration!

I know from personal experience how much everyday life can cause my aura to fill up with other people’s thought energies, both positive and negative, energies from locations, buildings, pets, and all sorts of other energies!

At the end of each day, I add a little pink Himalayan salt to my bath and set the intention for my aura to be cleansed. I find that really helps to keep my aura clean and my head clear and calm.

If I feel like I’ve picked up some really weighty energies, then I’ll smudge my entire body with sage before getting in the bath. I’ll also ask Arc Angel Micheal to help shift the energies from my aura.

9. Dehydration

This one was pretty surprising yet obvious at the same time. Whenever we’re dehydrated and our cells are lacking water, we simply can’t operate as well.

Our minds can’t work as efficiently and we have less energy.

It’s so easy to forget how important drinking water is as the day progresses! Stay hydrated with plenty of fresh, high quality, fluoride-free water to keep feeling good.

I sincerely hope that you found at least one of the above points genuinely helpful or interesting. Some of them really surprised me when I first found out about them.

Pretty much anything can alter your vibration, so be careful who and what you allow into your experience.

The good news is that the higher your vibration rises over time, the less you’ll be affected by external energies.

Keeping your vibration high will help you to get on so much better in life and really enjoy all that it can offer. You can also manifest a lot more stuff with greater ease!

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