11 De-Cluttering Ideas: Things to Throw Out Today

June 3, 2019

Straight-up: I used to be a hoarder.

I would hoard the most ridiculously useless things that somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew I would never, ever use.

This would include stacks and stacks of old newspapers from recent years, magazines from my childhood in the 1990’s, hoover attachments for hoovers that were no longer in my life, and so much more.

My partner at the time thought this was crazy and after some encouragement form him and my friends, I actually approached a therapist about the matter. We found that my hoarding was down to feeling a lack of control in my life and I also held a deep rooted fear around finances; never having enough, and other similar, negative thought patterns that buried deep within my subconscious.

Since then, I have had several huge clear-outs around my home and the place has honestly never felt more refreshing and light. The energy seems to flow around so much better and I feel like I can think more clearly.

You might not have a huge amount of stuff that could do with being thrown out in your home, but having seen and felt the difference between a cluttered and uncluttered home, it may very well benefit you to dump the junk and feel the difference yourself.

Below are some of the things you can ditch today.

1. Worn Out Underwear

You know those socks that have small holes in them but you can’t bear to throw out because you might sew them up one fine day?

Set a deadline to repair them such as within the week and put them in the trash if the deadline passes.

Or just throw them out today!

2. Old Binders and Documents

Throw out any old documents that you no longer need and the same goes for any binders or folders containing large amounts of obsolete documents.

3. Clothes You Never Wear

Or only worn a couple of times at the most. Put them on the goodwill pile and make sure they actually get to the goodwill store before you change your mind!

It might have seemed like a great purchase at the time, but the opportunity to actually wear the garment just never really came up. Clothes we never or rarely wear probably account for most of the excess clutter in our homes!

4. Old Toiletries and Cosmetics

Cosmetics and toiletries that have expired can turn bad and cause rashes and other unpleasant side effects.

There’s really no point in keeping them around. Place whatever can be recycled into your recycling bin after cleaning the containers out, and bin everything else.

5. Clear out Your USB sticks and Other Portable Hard Drives

The clearcut shouldn’t just be about getting rid of physical stuff.

Old hard drives, including USB sticks, can accumulate tonnes of files that are no longer needed.

It’s always a pain when you need an empty USB stick urgently and you can’t find one. Imagine how refreshing it’ll be to have a stack of them on reserve and ready to go!

6. Clear Your PC / Mac Desktop

A cluttered desktop on your PC or Mac can be really distracting and confusing. Organise everything into files and move those files into the appropriate corresponding folders in Finder or the Start menu. 

7. Cumbersome or Tired Furniture

Have a good look around your home and think about the amount of use you actually get out of your furniture.

Does some of it look a bit worn or totally off trend? There are tonnes of amazingly fun and easy DIY tutorials online that can help you to get your furniture looking fresh and on trend if so.

If any of the furniture is broken beyond repair, however, consider getting it recycled if possible.

If some pieces of furniture are maybe a little too big or you’ve never really made much use of them, consider giving them away, selling them or having a charity come and collect them. You’ll end up with more space or some lovely DIY pieces!

8. Clear up Your Smartphone

Delete any old notes, emails, drafts, and apps you downloaded but never actually use.

For a refreshing change, choose a new wallpaper and download some handy new apps that you know you’ll actually make use of.

9. Tackle the Pantry

Throw out any food that has expired or is very close to expiring and wipe down the whole pantry with a natural cleaning product.

10. Children’s Old Toys

It’s a wonderfully warm, fuzzy feeling when your child opens their gifts but it’s not so great when they totally forget they exist! If your child hasn’t used a toy for over a year, consider giving it to goodwill.

11. Get Rid of Old Towels

Sadly, I’m still guilty of hoarding old towels.

Towels that have totally lost their color, towels that have small (and large-ish) holes in them, and tired towels that have just completely lost their fluff and oomph in general.

If your towels are still in good condition but the color has faded, you can always dye them.

If they have holes, yes, you can sew them up, but if they’re truly worn and past their best, start using them as rags for cleaning or throw them out. New towels can make a bathroom or kitchen look that little bit fresher and you and your family will surely enjoy the feeling of them.

12. Recycle Old Tech

If you have some old electronics hanging around your home, such as old iPod stations, CD players etc, consider getting rid of them; give them away, sell them online, or dispose of them properly.

If you’re a spiritual person, or you’re sensitive to energy, you might want to take the clear out a step further and ask for a blessing from your God or Spirit.

You can also set some intentions for a bright and light energy to be present in your home.

Other energy clearing rituals you might want to try out include lighting some incense sticks safely around the home, burning essential oils, spraying down surfaces with a mixture of water and a few drops of essential oil, and lighting some natural candles safely around the home.

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