9 Must Read Tips for Highly Sensitive People

Personally, I think there are tonnes of pros of being a highly sensitive person.

Even though it can seem seriously hellish at times, being an HSP means that you probably have heightened intuition,

You can suss people out pretty quickly. You’ll likely have very quick gut feelings about This might also mean that you’re far more likely to understand those closest to you on a deeper and more intimate level than someone who isn’t an HSP. You’re also likely to be more cognizant of their thoughts and feelings and hopefully, vice versa.

As a highly sensitive person myself, I’ve had to make a concerted effort throughout my life to stay happy, healthy, balanced and energized.

From one HSP to another, here are some of the top tips I follow daily that help to keep me fully functional and sane.

Say No When You Can and When You Want To

This is probably the most important tip. Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after those around you. Plus, if you have more energy and you’re feeling good, you’ll have so much more to offer others.

Have Firm Boundaries in Place

This tip is quite closely related to the above tip.

Create Some Genuinely Quality Alone Time

As an HSP you’re going to require more alone time to recharge emotionally and energetically.

It doesn’t matter what your alone time consists of, just make sure that it’s high quality and that it’s factored into your weekly schedule, or better still, daily schedule.

It could be something as simple as listening to a captivating audiobook on your balcony for a couple of hours in the morning or having a long evening bath with a gorgeous bath bomb that you bought for yourself as a treat. Lush create the most heavenly (bath bombs)https://www.lushusa.com/bath/bath-bombs/ I have ever tried.

See Also

If you need some ideas for your alone time and fancy having some varied time alone, here’s a list of things you might like to try out:

Picking flowers in your garden whilst listening to music or an audiobook on your smartphone.

Meditating with

Stay Away from Crowds

Loud noises, excessive amounts of pollution and overcrowding can be really difficult to deal with as an HSP. You might find that trying to stay away from shopping malls, concerts and bars can help to keep you balanced. It can be a lot of fun going

Much love ❤️

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